Cortisone Flare

Hi, Asking for other peoples experiences of cortisone flares?. I had a steroid injection about two weeks ago and almost exactly one week later had unbelievable pain in my rights arm (the centre of the pain started in my shoulder but moved down my arm to my hand over the next 7 days). It started to ease in the last 24 hours and i’m hoping that in the next day it will end completely.
Everything i’ve read online suggests that cortisone flares start 24-48hrs after injection and only last a couple of days - this is not my experience at all!

I personally don’t trust steroids. I think they’re a double-edged sword. It seems the relief gained from them is oftentimes followed by worse pain. I had prednisone a couple times and I’ve wondered if that’s what aggravated my PsA. But that’s just my unprofessional opinion.

I have had some unusual experiences with cortisone injections, especially in my feet and hands. What I have learned is that there is a wide variety of positives and negatives, and the “normal” reactions are varied and not well understood. Google doesn’t really cover the range. I would always recommend getting an examination by a physician or your rheumatologist to rule out infection or permanent damage if you’re concerned about that, however, in my experience after evaluation by several specialists some people just have “odd reactions”. It sounds like you might be one of those people, like me!

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