Cold, blue hands/feet

I was on MTX for a couple of months (that went south; I had to stop due to severe bacterial infections apparently caused by the limited immune system. My Rheumy then put me on Plaquenil. After about 2 months, during severe overuse or pain in hands, they would turn blue (veins distended; could see hundreds of veins in my hands ... looked dark blue); this also happened to my feet. Both top and bottom of hands and feet. So, now I am off Plaquenil (per the Rheumy). But my "blue friend" came back tonight ... have been up all night in pain; hands/wrists stay swollen constantly now. I do believe every joint in my body is effected and the tendons behind my knees feel like they are very "tight"??? Does this sound familiar to anyone? Have bad muscle pain in arms and legs, as well, but blue only involves hands/feet ... but once blue disappears, turns bright red, hot and itchy .... always itchy. I am to see the Rheumy in two weeks (going for blood work and 24 hr urine this week) ... just wondering if I am the only one with this? Hugs to all of you.

I'm wondering if it's Raynauds, especially that when the blue goes away, it turns red, hot and itchy. Take a look at information on that, and see if it sounds like it could be describing you. What's interesting is that I find that the disease modifiying meds have made my Raynauds less of a problem.

To be honest, Stoney, that is what I thought ... but when the Rheumy told me to get off of the Plaquenil, I researched it further and under "rare", it was one of the side effects. It seems when a medicine says "rare", it applies to me. At least, so far. At any rate, it is still happening and I am off of the Plaquenil now so maybe it did not matter one way or the other. Do you take a biologic, as well? If so, is it helping? Thank you!!!

No biologic for me at this point. I take plaquenil, leflunomide, and NSAIDs.

I'm taking Plaquenil and am not familiar with any blue issues. I have definitely had red and hot areas....usually the most painful. Sorry I can't help.

Hope it gets better for you

Thank you, Dini! I appreciate you responding. I will update once I see the Rheumy. Hugs, Dee