So I started Cimzia...injected the 2 doses. About 8 hours later I developed numbness in my entire left arm. Called the rheumy who said it must be my heart. ?? And he said he was sorry but to go to the ER. I did, they ruled out neuro problems and sent me home.

Damn insert with med said to CALL if that reaction happened. Then I felt dumb as those caring for me were annoyed.

I am not the type to panic, but when your doctor says he is sorry but go to the er the way mine did it made me nervous.

I hate PsA.

No reason for you to feel dumb. Doctors actually don't like patients reading all of the possible side effects to a new med because they think it will get us worked up. Having said that, the doctor should have know the possible side effects.

You did the right thing. And there should be a thorough evaluation following a sudden onset symptom like that.

Here's to hoping that the medicine works!