Chest pains while on MxT?

I have been having some chest pains since I started my MxT Friday. They started very little and are getting a little worse. It makes my chest feel tight like someone is laying on it or it is twisting. Should I be concerned? What should I do about it?

As young as you are, any chest tightness, pain, trouble breathing, etc, should still have you calling your doctor.

On the flip side, I'm wondering if it could be related to heartburn/general GI upset. Anything new or alarming, anything related to breathing difficulties, etc, should have you calling your doctor.

Generally, chest pain is not normal with MTX, but don't panic. There are a number of unrelated things that could cause these symptoms that are easily resolved and no big deal. However, put a call into your general practitioner or pediatrician and ask to speak to the nurse. Describe your symptoms to her/ him and follow whatever advice you are given.

Feel better!

Definitely call your physician to be safe. I had similar experience on Mtx. was told heartburn by my Dr. and it was fine. Check with Dr. to be sure though. Hope it gets better.

I called my doc and she is putting me on prednizone.. AGAIN. She thinks it will help with the pain till the MxT kicks in and she will have me chest in on how my chest feels.

Sounds like a plan to me. Prednisone isn’t a nice drug, but it’s good as a “bridge” until the proper anti-rheumitic kicks in. Just go with it, and stay in touch with doc.

It could possibly be the naproxen. How much are you taking, and are you also taking ibuprofin? Aren’t they the same or similar? Nsaids. Anyway, I had the same symptom from taking a single dose of naprosyn. I think it was 500 mg. I still remember the pain. It came on within 30 min. And it was a very bad pain in the chest. More like pressure. I remember calling it pain and heaviness, like a stack of bricks on my chest. I have not taken any since (about 12 yrs ago), and I tell every doctor I see about it. That is just my experience. But it may be worth asking about.

I use to take the naproxen and ibuprofen. I am only on the MxT now and they are adding prednisone

Sorry, I misunderstood.

The Predi may help but some active cardio will do as much often times with with that "twisty" chest pain. When we lay back a bit (new meds and cold weather do that) The inflammation in our chests starts to "settle in". Sometimes its full blown Costochondritis sometimes not. If you can't get everything moving ( a good long walk in snow is great) so your chest is fully expanding, then 5 minutes or so several times a day of deep breathing (suck in till it hurts and then a wee more) can be a CLOSE substitute.

While you want to be careful when starting a new med, you need to tend to basics of healthy living and lots and lots of excercise. RARELY are the side effects anyone complains about in terms of funny aches and pains etc related at all to the meds. This is a chronic disease that moves around making everyday and adventure. Your over active immune system is set on fixing a problem that doesn't exist. Some strange things happen as a result.

You were wise to call. But as did your doctor think, just about everything that pops up is related to the disease NOT the treatment. Folks really work for reasons I do not understand at blaming the meds for everything and I understand that we have control of the meds, and we clearly want as much control as we muster. Don't you be one of them. Hate the disease and fight it.

As I've said before, this is my favorite equation [me+prednisone=it's complicated] It can be a life saver.

I wanted to raise the issue of enthesitis. When I was first diagnosed and taking MTX and going on and off prednisone I had a couple of periods where I had the WORST pains in my chest and my mid back (not at the same time). Felt like someone was alternately stabbing me with an icepick or sitting on my chest so that I couldn't take deep breaths without it hurting oh so badly. Well, turns out I had a couple of spots of enthesitis, and they were close to my sternum and my diaphragm. Any expansion of the chest caused pain. They did fade away quickly but they were VERY alarming when they happened. My rheumy told me that enthesitis can be exacerbated by changes in prednisone levels. In fact when I called him with the first one his first question was whether my dose of prednisone had recently changed. So, I suggest that when you finish up a steroid course you talk to your doctor about a VERY long and slow taper. So, be aware that's a potential side effect.

My doc did mention how it can be the disease moving around because of it being an immune disease. When I first took it I was on it for 4 days and that was it and had good results just my pain was still there just a little less.

Well I guess its time you learn the "lingo" What that 4 day dose was is called a "burst" Its usually between 10 and 30mg a day for 3 or 4 days. I'm liking your doc more and more. The "burst" is a fairly recent development. You will not have the problems associated with Predi (so they say) using a burst so long as you only do it infrequently. I would NEVER at your age consider a taper unless things were dire. Your body can become dependent on Predi quicker than heroin.

BTW dire (to me) involves loss of actual FUNCTION not pain.

Interesting factoid, Fighter: doctors sometimes use prednisone to figure out what is causing the pain. If prednisone works, they know that it’s inflammation that’s causing it. My first rheumatologist prescribed prednisone to see whether it made me feel better.And it did. Much better. So we knew it was an inflammatory thing.

Prednisone can also make you feel a bit antsy/cranky/crabby. My husband says “Oh no, not prednisone!” But sometimes a hurtin’ girl’s just gotta do what she’s gotta do.

Yep - your doc sounds like they have it pegged.

Quite noticeable costchondritis was one of my first symptoms (well before I had any “joints” hurt that I thought might be arthritis). I had crushing chest pain like someone was pressing on my chest. Really not nice, just like people describe a heart attack.

I’ve noticed since I started yoga it reduced significantly and now even when I get a rare flare, it’s not costo. My guess is that yoga works really well for it because of a combination of exercises designed to “open your chest” physically, as well as deep rhythmic breathing.

I’m very fortunate to be well controlled now, but started it back when I was a mess. Didn’t realise the good things it was doing for me at the time, but wouldn’t miss it now - flare or not - it’s amazing what just a session of deep breathing and stretching whatever you can will do!

I've never thought much about chest pain. I do sometimes get a sharp stabbing pain but always thought this was cramp in the intercostal muscles. BUT since I learned about enthesitis (and saw Lambs diagram of the enthesitis points) I realise that I have alot of tenderness down both sides of my sternum. Interesting!

I must of missed that diagram,where abouts might I find it.

Think it's here: