Cat scratch

ok, my cat scratched me while I was cutting her nails and drew blood. A little scratch. Should I be concerned.

The good news is the cat should be fine.

The bad news is you are at a higher risk for cat scratch fever. Keep the wound clesn and you should be fine. The bacteria is actually is carried in the saliva and is usually acquired through petting the cat. Cats also have a poisen fang that keeps concentrated saliva in it. Only about half of cats carry it. A bleeding wound is bettrr thsn a pokey wound or bite.

You will be fine Rebel mom. Happens to me all the time with all our animals. Sometimes a not so little scratch! I am on mtx and Remicade so I wash them well with soap and warm water. Sing "Happy Birthday to You" while washing, that is about long enough for soap and water to do it's magic. I keep it covered with Bacitracin and band aid until it heals.

Keep it CLEAN. Antibacterialize the bejesus out of it. Make germs quiver in their Wellies at the mere thought of you.

Seriously, keep it clean and keep an eye on it. My dear kitty scratched me six months or so ago and it kept trying to infect, and it took its time healing too. I probably wasn’t as good about washing it out right away as I should have been. It was pretty tender and I’m a sissy.

If it starts to get really angry looking, it might be time for some antibiotics. Kitty feet are so dirty!

You are so right Grumpy! Their pretty little paws are so germy! When mine pat me on the cheek or walk across my pillow I tell them, "not with those kitty pan paws!" I had one that use to sleep on my head. My husband thought it was a riot until I kept dripping blood at breakfast! The stupid cat was sharpening his nails on my scalp! Needless to say he is out of the bedroom now! I use to sleep so deeply think it was due to the fatigue of PsA. though I have never been a light sleeper. Keep it clean Rebel mom. If it swells and gets red or looks yucky be sure to see the doc.

I actually knew somebody who got cat scratch fever once.

I try to do that with all cuts, etc. Especially with cuticles, which I have a bad habit of picking. I clean, put antibacterial cream on, and keep covered for a few days.

Soap and water are best I think for anything. It should be cleaned as soon as possible.

My brother had a cat scratch that ended up infected. First time I've ever seen it.

Am I the only one who can get Ted Nugent out of their head?

I actually got cat scratch fever from a cat that scratched me on the arm. I thought it was just a song until I lived six wks of hell from it. Keep it clean!!!

very funny tntlamb!

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Thanks, Lamb, but that doesn’t help at all!

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