Can you recommend anyonein South Florida?

Boca Raton, Ft. Lauderdale, or Miami?

Thank you!

I am in South Tampa. My derm and rheum doctors are great. They are at the University of South Florida in Tampa. Dr. Alan Fenske (derm) is not only well known for his columns in newspapers and magazines, but also recognized by his peers in Florida. I heard he was the president of a Dermatology association here in Florida. A Clinic staff referred to him as "The Big Shot and highest paid doctor in Florida". I am glad I pay only the Clinic fees, which are covered by Medicare.

Dr. John Carter is a Rheumy, also well known. He is relatively young, but his teachers, whom also treat me say he was the smartest student they had.

Both doctors are involved in PsA research and are patners in some of their research. Not only do they teach, but also see patients at the USF Morsani Center (clinic). One of the things I like about this clinic is that every time I am seen by a physician there, 2 or more doctors see me and discuss my case in my presence, helping me to understand what is happening in my body. It is a teaching Clinic, although I have never been seen by a medical student only, but always with the team: teacher and students. Since they are active in research, they seem to have current knowledge of their field practice, prescribing only what works. The clinic has many specialties, yet they all share the same patient file, which helps in diagnosis.

You have the Cleveland Clinic near you in Weston, Florida. I was there before I went to USF thinking that CC was better than USF. I was not impressed by CC. The Rheumy I saw did not give me a diagnosis. Dr. Carter saw me and blasted out immediately his diagnosis. (PsA) Good doctors there, though not much impressed with the Rheum drs.

Im glad this question has been asked. I, too am moving to South Florida after this school year. I believe the town is called cutler bay or ridge. I will be looking for docs there, as well.

There is also a Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida.