Can heat make you ache?

Yesterday our air-con at work wasn’t working, yes I know I’m in the UK and its late Sept (lol) but with 20 dialysis machines throwing out heat and unable to open any windows we were working hard at 27 degrees C…last night and this morning the aching is nearly unbearable and everywhere…I’ve taken pain meds (usually avoided as much as possible) and cant even start to do my stretching yet. I had a similar reaction the last time the A/C stopped working, but not as bad. So any thoughts? is it just coincidence or can heat make you ache?

I don't see why it couldn't make you ache. It seems like it's more than coincidence.

I'm not prone to swelling, but in the heat I swell and ache in a way that is different than most other aches.

I think it depends on the person but many people have mentioned getting worse in the hot summer months. Anything is possible.

I find either very cold or very warm weather makes me flair. When it is 30 below my joints lock up if I am outside very long. When it is over 90 for any length of time I swell and hurt. They are different but neither is pleasant. My husband and I finally bought an air conditioner and it makes it so much more pleasant. I also bought an electric blanket for those chilly nights before we get the wood stove going! Just heaven!

Extremes in temp in either direction make me very uncomfortable. I have not had a full fledged flare from either, but I do get a “mild” case of swelling and tenderness. For instance, I sat in a waiting room for two hours last week waiting to meet a patient. For some reason it was well over 80 in the office. By the time I left, I could hardly move. It was not a good afternoon!

Thanks for the replies :slight_smile: had a very uncomfortable day yesterday but today is better. Thought the first time the problem may have been from a bit of dehydration as well as I hadn’t been too good with keeping drinking. So made sure I kept a bottle of water close at hand all day Saturday.

The answer for me is a great big YES! I prefer the cold weather. This summer has been ok since we've had all the rain. As soon as the rain stopped and that thermometer began inching it's way back up, the muscle spasms and swelling started up. I've already told my husband that when we retire it will not be to Florida or any other tropical destination. Where ever we decide to go, there will be snow.