Breast Cancer

I was trying to come up with something cheery to say after what looks like a not great weekend for some, but failed Did come across this though:

There are new protocols for screening these days and really new for under forty. I think I would insist on a baseline mamo no matter the age and regular follow ups after that AGE irregardless...

Very, very interesting article, tnt! Thanks for posting.

Not the happiest news, but heck ...

wow, you know I am only 28 so I never thought breast cancer would be something to worry about however more and more younger people are developing breast cancer and this article really shows the importance of self exams and regular doctor exams as well especially for those of us with autoimmune arthritis regardless of your age. Thanks for the post!

Well I came across this discussion when I typed in breast cancer. I have been called back to redo an ultrasound from my last mam a few weeks ago and reading this article does not help my thoughts. I hope it is something they just want to double check.

Interesting that you revived this thread, Rebel Mom, but I'm sorry that you had reason to go on a search! I hope everything's OK. Yes, they usually err on the side of caution with mammograms, thank goodness.

A couple of thoughts here:

1. This study was published in 2012, which means it was done well before that. In medical research, that's a pretty long time ago. Have you found any follow up studies? (tntlamb, do you know of any?)

2. This was mouse science. Has the research been replicated on humans?

3. The article refers to celecoxib as being a drug used to treat inflammatory arthritis. Celecoxib (celebrex) is an NSAID, which doesn't really treat the disease. I'd like to know what the other unidentified drug is.

So I wouldn't get my knickers all twisted over this one study, RM. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! Let us know what happens, OK?

Glad to report that all is good with me.

Great news Rebel mom, and I suspect great relief!!

Glad it turned out okay, Rebel mom! But, that information about autoimmune disease and cancer is depressing! Cancer is something I never worry about because nobody in my family has had it. But nobody in my family, as far as I know, has had an autoimmune disease! This information just sucks!