Blood work and Xrays

I know my appointment is tomorrow afternoon but this has driven me crazy all month. I’ve googled; I’ve asked my sister friend that’s an RN. Still can’t make sense of it.
Anyone please tell me what all this means. TIA!


F WBC 6.5 4.3-11.3 (K/uL)
F RBC 4.89 3.94-5.42 (K/uL)
F HGB 15.1 11.5-16.0 (g/dL)
F HCT 43.3 34.5-48.0 (%)
F PLT 274 150-425 (K/uL)
F MCV 89 77-102 (fl)
F MCH 30.9 27.0-32.0 (pg)
F MCHC 34.8 32.0-36.5 (g/dL)
F RDW 15.0 H 11.6-14.8 (%)



F Sed Rate 14 0-20 (mm/hr)
F CRP <0.5 A 0.0-1.0 (mg/dl)
- CRP result < the sensitivity of the assay (0.5 mg/dl)



F Sodium 138 135-145 (mEq/L)
F Potassium 3.6 3.6-5.1 (mEq/l)
F Chloride 100 L 101-111 (mEq/L)
F CO2 29 22-32 (mEq/l)
F Glucose 101 H 70-100 (mg/dl)
F BUN 8 8-26 (mg/dl)
F Creatinine 0.67 0.44-1.00 (mg/dl)
F BUN/CREA Ratio 12 6.0-22.0 (RATIO)
F anion gap 13 8-16 (mEq/L)
F ALT (SGPT) 21 10-60 (IU/L)
F AST (SGOT) 21 15-41 (IU/L)
F ALP 83 38-126 (IU/L)
F Albumin 4.0 3.5-5.0 (g/dl)
F Total Protein 6.9 6.4-8.3 (g/dl)
F Globulin 2.9 2.9-3.3 (g/dl)
F Total Bilirubin 0.7 0.3-1.2 (mg/dl)
F Calcium 9.6 8.9-10.3 (mg/dl)
F eGFR >60 -
- Normal eGFR:
- >/= 60 ml/min/1.73m2



F B12 >1500 A 180-914 (pg/ml)
- B12 result > the linearity of the assay (1500)

L Rheumatoid Factor RA


F RA Latex Turbid. <10.0 0.0-13.9 (IU/mL)

L CCP Cyclic Citrullinated Peptide Ab IgG


F CCP Antibodies IgG/IgA 4 0-19 (units) TA
- Negative <20
- Weak positive 20 - 39
- Moderate positive 40 - 59
- Strong positive >59



F TSH3 2.94 0.45-5.33 (uIU/mL)

Test NameX ray : Ankle, Left 73610
AssessmentsPain in left ankle and joints of left foot
Name Value Reference Range
NotesTIDMORE,WILLIAM C 08/25/2018 04:13:12 PM > normal bone stock. Normal alignment. No osteophytes. Minimal narrowing.

X ray : Foot, Left 73630
AssessmentsLeft foot pain
Name Value Reference Range
NotesTIDMORE,WILLIAM C 08/25/2018 04:14:00 PM > normal bone stock. Normal alignment. Mild joint space narrowing of the MTPs. No erosions.

Test NameX ray : Pelvis 72170
AssessmentsLow back pain
Name Value Reference Range
NotesTIDMORE,WILLIAM C 08/25/2018 04:13:46 PM > normal bone stock. Normal SI joints. No erosions. No sclerosis.

Test NameX ray : Hand, Right 73130
AssessmentsRight hand pain
Name Value Reference Range
NotesTIDMORE,WILLIAM C 08/25/2018 04:12:07 PM > normal bone stock. Mild joint space narrowing of PIPs. Possible erosive change versus cysts of second and third MC heads on the right. No ostephytes

NameX ray : Lumbosacral Spine, Complete w/obliques 72110
AssessmentsLow back pain
Name Value Reference Range
NotesTIDMORE,WILLIAM C 08/25/2018 04:13:30 PM > normal bone stock. Normal alignment. Minimal disc height loss at L5-S1. Facet joints preserved. No osteophytes.

Hi Angie,

Your Appointment is tomorrow, so rather than try to decipher it yourself (and I’m certainly not a doc), I’d write a list down of any suspect readings so you can ask questions and make sure your Rheumy addresses them all. On a quick scan, I can see that the things that are out of range or unusual are;

RDW (notice the capital H next to the number - that means high)
Chloride (low)
Fasting glucose (high)

Right Hand possible erosive changes versus cysts

In addition, though the ESR is not out of range, 14 would be enough to make me feel very ill if it was happening chronically, so you could discuss whether your Rheumy plans to try to bring it down.

Also your potassium is right on the lower edge of the range - for me I’d eat some bananas to try to bring it up a little (low potassium can contribute to muscle cramps).

Most of us do have one or two items out of range each time on a full blood panel - unless they form a pattern, it often isn’t significant.

It is worth asking if the high fasting glucose might be pointing to pre-diabetic, and if you should make some diet / exercise changes.

On the whole though, it looks like pretty good news - liver and kidney numbers are all normal, as are white blood cells, CCP is negative, which means it’s less likely to be RA (80% of RA people have positive).

Write down your list, and be ready to ask questions! I know it might feel overwhelming, but it’s another step in the right direction.

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@Jen75 thank you for the information. It wasn’t a fasting blood tests tho. So glucose maybe ok?? My B12 was really high too. I’ll make a list for sure. Thanks again! :slight_smile:

I’d take the printout and ask them to mark any that are too high or too low and to tell you if any are sufficiently out of whack to raise a ‘red flag’ and what that red flag may mean. However you may not need to do this because hopefully your rheumy will have looked at them already.

It is definitely worth noting that some blood results that are a little out of the so-called normal range may not be a problem at all. This is because the range is just an average and individuals vary in what is normal for them. Some blood results are tighter however, and any highs or lows are significant, but then they would jump out at your rheumy.

Hopefully your rheumy will have looked at them already. And blood tests are just one piece of the jigsaw, there are plenty of others to be considered.

Good luck, let us know how it goes and keep cool!

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@Sybil thank you for the information. Being a newbie, I have nothing to compare it to or what they mean or may not mean.
I’ll update when I get home. I’ve downloaded a diary app to put everything in. It’s easier than writing for me. I’m right handed and it cramps up so easy and badly when I use it for, well, most anything. I think I’ve gotten everything in it. Probably forgot SOMETHING tho lol always do.
Thanks again! I thank God for y’all and this forum!

Hey y’all. Back from the reumy appointment. I didn’t see THE doc today. Saw his PA. But she said that nothing to worry about with the blood work. Only xray that they’re concerned about is the one of my right hand. It has some erosion. But she said probably from osteoarthritis. Bah crap! I don’t believe that but I’m not a doctor.
I couldn’t tolerate the med he gave me last month. It caused more hot flashes, worse and more frequent headaches, and worse acid reflux than I was already having. She prescribed mobic 7.5 mg (meloxicam) sorry if misspelled. Wants me to try it for 3 weeks if I have no allergic reaction or horrible SE, Then she’ll add methatrexate(?) Even if I can’t handle the mobic, I’ll be starting the methatrexate(?) In about 3 weeks. and I go back in 6 weeks. She said that we have to go that route before proceeding to anything else. Praying for no SE or reactions. Only good results!! Prayers are appreciated!!

Ok she thinks my back, neck and shoulder pain and headaches are caused from pinched nerves or damaged nerves. She’s ordered a nerve conduction test. Idk when they’ll get it scheduled but hopefully soon. If it shows anything wrong, they’ll refer me to a neurologist.
Honestly I don’t know but I feel it’s from muscles or something but not nerves. But then again my mom had pinched nerves in her neck and back and it caused migraines as well as pain in her neck and back. So just gotta wait and see, AGAIN. Ugh! The waiting and not knowing plays heck on my mind!!

Oh and she told me he didn’t order a ANA(?) test with the other blood tests. But she said she will if this med doesn’t help. Ugh. More waiting. (LOL ugh)

Oh again lol I asked about the myers infusion (didn’t remember to last appointment) she said it may help with energy level and it couldn’t hurt. I’ll just need to pace myself when you get it and feeling better for those couple of days lol my hubby told on me about overdoing it after getting the infusion lol God bless him! He is trying to help me anyway he can. I love that man!! :blush:. SO thankful for him too!
So I’m going to call my gyno office tomorrow and see if we can start em up again.

Prayers and good vibes welcome and appreciated!!

Good vibes from across the Atlantic! Sounds like a positive appointment to me!

Waiting is okay … as long as there is appropriate action meanwhile (which it looks like there is). In fact it is just as well to have a plan for further investigations and so on, that means that the docs are definitely on the case. Much, much better than simply being given a prescription & being told to get lost.

However, yep, you have pain you want to understand and treat appropriately. Okay, waiting around for a plan on that score is tough indeed.

Do not entertain thoughts of SEs from Mtx! They are not nearly as common as the internet suggests. But, just in case, brainwash yourself right now by repeating this 10 times a day: ‘Mtx, Mtx, Mtx is better than sex!’

Or make up your own mantra, can’t be worse than mine lol.

Well done you!


I don’t see TIA listed on your tests. I’m a nurse too and the only thing that comes to mind is trans ischemic attack, commonly called a mini or temporary stroke. You have stroke like symptoms such as slurred speech, weakness. It could mean something entirely different. I once saw a barium enema report come back saying “unable to to procedure. Patient FOS. I had to call radiologist for explanation and he started laughing. It means patient Full Of Shit. You nurses didn’t do a good clean out . Use more enemas! At least maybe that will give you a chuckle. Ask your doc about TIA. There are no stupid questions.

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Thank you @Bern. I really don’t have symptoms of tia. I do have pain, muscle spasms and twitches and itching, but numbness only now and then. A lot of it is in my back, but really all over lately, ribs, hips, knees, shoulders, ankles, hands, fingers, toes, and can’t forget the headaches. But I don’t have slurred speech. I’m forgetful and have been most of my life. Thank you for your input. And if I can remember to, I’ll ask the PA or doctor about it my next appointment.

Has the doctor checked for fibromyalgia? I have that too, dr. Checks by feeling trigger points on your body. Mine flares in different spots.

Not yet. From doctor notes, he believes it is an autoimmune disease but he hasn’t said for sure which one or a definite diagnosis of anything. My next appointment I’m going to try to pin him down and get an answer. I’m unable to work right now. My husband has mentioned filing for disability but I need a definite diagnosis to do that. Although I’m getting some treatment, I feel like they don’t really know what is the problem or believe me about all of the symptoms I’m having. I’ll see what he says about fibromyalgia tho. Can’t hurt I don’t think.

I’ve had fibromyalgia since 1991 from a spinal cord injury. 6 years ago I got nodules on my fingers and joint pain. Was diagnosed with undifferentiated autoimmune disorder, and started methotrexate and Embrel. I got my one and only outbreak of psoriasis that year but have a strong family history. So now it’s fibromyalgia,psoriatic arthritis, and mixed autoimmune disorder. I don’t even know what the third one is about. I don’t want to know at this point. I’m on my 5th Med right now, Symponi an infusion.

Blood tests can be a nightmare to decipher - and with PsA (and other inflammatory conditions) there is a kind of domino effect sometimes where one thing is pushed out because of the inflammation and then that, in turn, pushes something else out, and so on. And it’s odd how our bodies react to different levels in blood tests. For example, Jen75 said she would struggle with an ESR of 14 - but I once had an ESR of 119.

I have to say, though, I have never been given a list of blood results as long as that one - for which I’m very thankful as it would scare me half to death. But I think most of us can agree that we have learned over the years that the so-called normal ranges are often treated with a pinch of salt by doctors and nurses - not just with PsA but with everything.

One thing I found, though, is that when my PsA/inflammation got under control with the biologics, pretty much everything in my blood tests went back to normal. That includes anemia and liver function, among other things. The only thing that remains “out” is something to do with the size of my blood cells, and that’s been out for ten years or more, and so it’s pretty much assumed to be “normal for me”.

I say all of the above, and you can get bet your life my bloods are going to be out when I have them done tomorrow!

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Darinfan, I tend to have the same experience - though most of my “out of range” tend to be unremarkable (ie didn’t really mean anything in isolation), they pretty much disappeared once my PsA was under control.

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Apparently mine were unremarkable too, other than the ESR. Anyway, results came today and everything is fine and dandy. At least officially I’m well!

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Thank y’all. I’m just not going to worry about the blood work anymore. I’ve had some problems arise after taking the mobic. Itching more in more places. Muscle cramping and spasms especially in my legs. Hurting as much if not more than I was already in my ribs and neck. And on top of that, it caused congestion in my sinuses that has lead to a sinus infection and then moved to my chest. So now I have a horrible cough that causes headaches and chest pain, as if I need more of that! I called my rhuemy yesterday and all the nurse said is that the doctor said that mobic wouldn’t cause bronchitis or upper respiratory infection. UGH! I know I wasn’t having any problems other than sneezing now and then until I had taken the mobic for a few days. Actually the first day after taking one dose, I had head congestion! I haven’t had any improvements that I can feel But I haven’t stopped taking it. Idk what to do! I thought the rhuemy office would call me today and let me know something but nothing. I’m going to call them again tomorrow and email them tonight. Maybe just maybe I’ll get some kind of answer. Praying so anyway.
Hope and prayers y’all are doing well and having a good day! God bless!

I emailed my doc. Here it is. I apologize in advance if it’s TMI. Y’alls opinions and input is important to me. Thanks to all in advance.

Hello. I called the office yesterday but really didn’t get an answer about my concern. I had some problems arise after taking the mobic. Itching more in more places. Muscle cramping and spasms especially in my legs. Hurting as much if not more than I was already in my ribs and neck. And on top of that, it caused congestion in my sinuses that has lead to a sinus infection and then moved to my chest. So now I have a horrible cough that causes headaches and chest pain. I know you said that mobic wouldn’t cause bronchitis or upper respiratory infection but I wasn’t having any problems other than sneezing now and then until I had taken the mobic for a few days. Actually I noticed I had sinus congestion after taking one dose. It only has gotten worse. I’ve had no improvement in aches, pain and inflammation, stiffness or swelling. I haven’t been sleeping as well as I had been before starting the mobic either. Difficult to sleep or stay asleep when my legs are cramping and my neck and back are spasmIng. Also seems that I’m having to get up more during the night to use the bathroom and if I don’t get to go, I’ll wet myself. Like I have no control over my bladder at all. I asked the lady I spoke with yesterday about the nerve conduction test and the blood test for ANA. Jordan said she’d get them scheduled but the lady said there was no note on my file for either. I need to have something done. Something to find out what is causing all this. I can’t work hurting and being so tired all the time. I just feel horrible 90% of the time. I’ve worked all my life and not being able to is very difficult for me! I’ve checked on applying for disability but I can’t do that until I have a diagnosis. My husband is working all he can, up to 60 to 70 hours a week, but he shouldn’t have to do that so we can afford to live week to week. And I don’t really like being home alone because I get dizziness and lightheadedness out of nowhere and it’s frightening! I’m going to stop the mobic as of today. I guess the next step is the ANA blood test and the nerve conduction test and starting the MTX. I’m hoping to hear from you or someone from your office tomorrow. Thank you.

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It’s precisely the type of email I write @AngieB when things aren’t going well or are just going wrong. And for me I think it’s essential to do things like this when necessary. First it hits your file, secondly it lessens being fobbed off and thirdly it tends to at least get more investigations and answers coming forth. Well done you!


Hey y’all. And thank you @Poo_therapy!
Doc office called me back today. :blush: actually they called 3x and 2x was before I even got out of bed! Lol thank you God! I called them back but the lady I needed to speak with was not at her desk. I left a message and honestly didn’t think she’d call me back until Monday at the earliest. But she did about 15 minutes later! :open_mouth:. Lol yes surprised!! She said doc got my email and said yes to stopping the mobic because I wasn’t having any improvement. And that he said it wouldn’t cause the congestion I’ve had. Oh well whatever. I know what I know! They wanted me to come in Monday morning to get blood work done and start another pain medication. But my husband will be working and I won’t have a way to get there. So appointment is Tuesday afternoon!! Oh and they’re still waiting for prior approval from the insurance company for the nerve conduction test. Thank God!! Now praying that he’ll give me some kind of diagnosis and treatment that will help me and no side effects or reactions!

Woohoo!! I’m a happy girl! Still hurting but happy!! :grinning:

Way to go @AngieB. Yes those sort of emails just work don’t they??!!:clap::clap::clap:

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