Biologics - things to avoid?

So I just had my 10th Enbrel shot. Things are going fairly well. My mobility has increased and my pain and swelling has decreased. I am far from being pain free. I still get flareups but they are short and not quite as intense as before. There are certain areas that the PsA is putting up a pretty good fight. That being said I can not even open a jar which I hadn't been able to do for a couple years.

When I was about to start Enbrel the clinic told me not to eat sushi while on biologics. I partly question this since the nurse for the drug company told me she had never heard of this before.

I'm wondering if any one has any related thoughts or experience with this. I'd be happy to hear your input.

I have heard no warning about sushi. The same would apply for soft cheeses if that were the case. You could contact the nurse from the drug company directly, but I've never heard the warning.

Glad to hear that you're getting a good response to Enbrel.

Good to hear some positive news, Dini! Ten weeks is still early days, so here’s hoping for more good things.

Avoiding sushi? They never told me that. And I go to the same clinic that you do! Let us know what you find out.

Thank you both for your thoughts :) Yes, things are positive so far. I will call to ask about specifically about sushi. I'll let you know.

I wonder if they’re worried about you eating raw foods because of an increase risk of infection? That’s my only thought since I haven’t heard of this warning either.

The weirdest thing I saw was a warning label on a bottle of micro brewed Kombucha saying not to drink it if immune compromised. There is a reason -- it's made by fermentation, never gets pasteurized, and they can't ensure a perfectly clean environment.

I would also mention as a thing "to do", I try to take diphenhydramine or Zyrtec ahead of injecting, with the (possibly superstitious) belief it might lessen the likelihood of my body rejecting the drug.