Biologics Cost

Can anyone tell me what the cost of biologics is usually? I am possibly going to have to change meds soon and am concerned that I won't be able to afford them. I have ChampVA insurance but don't know yet if I can get this through the mail order pharmacy.

Any info is much appreciated.


According to my prescription label iirc, Enbrel is around $1958 for four weeks. My insurance covers it. Enbrel Support helps you get your insurance to cover it, to lower your co-pay, or provides assistance to those who qualify. I'm not sure about the other biologics.

I know in the uk it is about £12k per annum and that patients have to have tried something else like MTX first and have at least four joints suffering before they are prescribed it. Fortunately we have the lovely NHS in the uk so all this is free.

My rheumy just “officially” diagnosed my with PsA and prescribed Enbrel. I have Welmark Blue Cross and am worried about the cost. I know they have an assistance program but does anyone know the copay?

Simponi is $2400 a month. Co-pay cost will depend on your insurance (tricare is $25) and I think all of the biologics have asistance programs to help offset or nearly eliminate the cost. Go to the website for your insurance, they should have areas where you can search to see what’s covered (I can search mine on specific meds) and what your co-pay will be.

Thank you everyone. I have checked the website and couldn't find anything so will be calling my insurance companies pharmacy dept I guess. Good to know that the biologics have assistance programs as well, I didn't know about that before.

I n Canada cost is about 1550. 00 a month for humira. Abbott will assist with cost if there is need and you cannot get biologics through the mail as they are heat sensitive and must be kept at between 5-8 degrees celcius.

Hi Alma

I take Humira every week and the cost for me would be huge. But I am on SSDI and because of problems affording the med. I contacted Abbott Patient Assistance . You have to fill out some forms and questionnaires and if approved you can receive the medication at little or no cost to you. Which is the category I am in and feel fortunate to be there. You have to reapply every January but my thought is big deal i can do that. Hope this helps. Stay Well

I am also taking humira as well as methotrexate, Humira ended up being free with the Abbott Patient Assistance program which was mentioned earlier and the methotrexate I pay $25 for 6 weeks of mtx meds thanks to walgreens rx program which gives me a 50% discount on all perscriptions which has helped me out so much. Good luck!