Being put on hold :(

After my last hospital appt I had all the tests done ready to go on methotrexate which I was unsure about but after an isotope scan showed bilateral sacroillitas and my back pain was unbearable I decided to give it a go. An MRI scan was performed and I went back to hospital yesterday to get results and start treatment. However when I saw my consultant he said that the MRI showed fluid in my pelvis and he couldn’t tell me what was the cause. I am now really worried as he has referred me to gynae for an ultrascan and to investigate further and my methotrexate plans have to be put on hold as this may need treating first. He also said this may be the cause of my problems and I felt like he was questioning my psa diagnosis? How can a bone scan show something clearly and a consultant still question it? I have also finally been sent to dermatology after dealing with my skin probs via my go for 20 odd years and to maxo facial for my jaw dislocation prob that consultant says is completely unrelated??!! I’m confused and feel like I’m not being listened to but so tired I dint have the energy to keep complaining!! :frowning: