Bad Attitude

From my blog, rannygahoots:

Bad Attitude

Sporadic Artie has had quite a bad attitude lately. Intense foot pain will land me in the doctor's office tomorrow afternoon. An aching back and sore ribs drain my resources. Some days I just want to lay in bed and cry out of sheer exhaustion.

If I take a snapshot of how I felt, physically, a year ago and how I feel today, the pictures might be identical. Back then, I may have panicked because of this. At that time I was still really figuring out that it's a Matter of Perspective.

Today I have a choice.

I can worry that I'm still feeling horrible, or I can feel thankful that I've tried a couple of medications and am on one that shows amazing promise.

I can stress about what my current health situation means, or I can find peace in the knowledge that I will have flares, even on medication, and when I do, I need to listen to my body telling me to slow down and enjoy life.

I can feel betrayed by my body or I can take better care of my body and rejoice in what I can do.

I can shut down and spend most of my day in bed, or I can have my husband throw Ziggy in the van and roll where I'm unable to walk.

I can choose to fight Sporadic Artie or listen to what he has to teach me about living life to its fullest.

Having a bad attitude will just make my life miserable - and my family miserable as well. Instead, I'll seek joyful moments ... and take comfort in the fact that if all else fails, there's always the Imperial Walker.

Love the Star Wars reference! :) I must admit I LOL'ed

It is all a matter of perspective! I call it the 90/10 principal. You cannot control 10% of what happens in your life, the other 90% is up to and how you react to the 10%