Anyone with PSA with a close relative who has MS that successfully takes Enbrel, Humira?

Hello: I'm new to this site and thank you for the warm I said in my profile, was diagnosed with PSA a few years ago (I guess you could say I"m moderate to severe) and went on Methotrexate, 8 pills, once a week. It worked great - felt for the most part like I didn't have PSA. Then last May 2014 my liver levels were way off so rheumi took me off - i felt fine for several months, but my imflammation levels gradually are climbing and I started feeling some symptoms again around November 2014. I tried Sulfasalazine two different times and had allergic reactions.

I've always been kind of afraid of taking Enbrel or Humira since my Mom has MS and I know in rare cases it can cause MS in people. They did MRI of my brain a couple years ago and said "you have no MS in your brain" My rheumi and my cousin's rheumi both think I should try them and I have read they seem to be most helpful for overall management of PSA.

I also have been reading about Otezla and am considering that but I tend to have some IBS in general. Right now just taking Ibuprofen but want to protect my joints and I am feeling stiffer and more pain all the time. (though not unbearable yet, like it was in when first diagnosed)

So, mainly wondering if anyone with relative with MS has success with ENbrel or Humira?

Thanks so much.

Not sure if I can help you - but I know a few people with MS on Stelara and they say it doesn’t make it worse… Just food for thought

Thank you will definitely check into stelara more!

MS is scary and naturally you should be cautious. But, I can tell you if the risk is small, you would probably feel like it's worth it to feel better. If Enbrel works for you like it did me, you'd be more confident to take it. I was so afraid of Enbrel's risks and possible SEs until I took it and felt unbelievably good for the first couple months. The back and foot problems I've had through the winter are from damaged joints and tissue caused by PsA, and I don't even know if I could have handled that pain had I not been on Enbrel!

Thanks glad it helped u a lot! I may end up on it.
Even if I try otezla not sure I can handle side effects. Sounds like the biologics have less SE if u can take them. Thanks again. Take good care.