Anyone have a recommendation for a Rheaumatologist in Nashville TN?

I am not crazy about my doctor. He talks when I talk. He does not believe in prescribing steroids. He does not prescribe pain meds. You have to get pain meds from your primary care doc or a pain clinic. I do not want to go to a pain clinic. They just seem like pill pushers. I have a cousin who works for one. She pretty much confirmed it.

This doesn't sound too uncommon, in terms of the pain pills. The truth is, people are sent to pain clinics due to pain, and pills are a part of dealing with this. That said, there are pain clinics that include acupuncture, chiropractors, etc, but these don't seem too common.

In terms of the doctor talking when you talk, it's rude. You can call the doctor on it, and ask that he listens to you when you are talking. You can also look for another rheumy. But as I said, his medical practices don't seem too unusual. I wish you luck with this.

Oh, and the other thing to keep in mind, if you need pain pills, your disease may not be under good control. This should be the primary focus. Pain pills, among other things, can lead to pain syndromes, and to further damage, as it covers up the pain.

Look into the ones associated with Vanderbilt

I am happy with Dr. Victor Byrd. He is sympathetic and knows his stuff. He is the one who brought me to a functional state, so I'm a big fan of his. The only negative is his office is the busiest place I have ever seen. I also like I can get infusions in office so copays are good.