Anyone Else Have TMJ And First Byte Syndrome

I know TMJ and PSA together is very common - I have both. I mostly just get the clicks and people say - your jaw clicks - yes - I know - I have TMJ.

But during the last week or so my TMJ on the left side has got worse - all the symptoms - slight earache - very tender on the TMJ joint. I saw my physio who confirmed it - he said the ligaments around there were quite hard indicating inflammation and did some release work - it hurt. Will see him in a week for another treatment - grrrrr.

But while I have all the usual symptoms I also have first byte syndrome - you take you first byte on that side and it huts - then subsides. It’s nothing I cant put up with - more a nuisance really but I have never heard of it being a symptom of TMJ. They say its a condition of unknown cause - related to nerve damage:

That however didnt seem to confirm it’s related to the TMJ - but I cant figure out what else it could be.

I did have Bells Palsy about a year ago - maybe related to that?

Anyone else with PSA have similar issues?