Another slam

So, work is crazy busy and I'm feeling guilty about working just 30 husband is currently unemployed so we need the money.... I added just 30 minutes to each day...not too bad...OH, and I only worked 4 hrs on Friday d/t dental appt. I do client based job. ..then went in for 2 hours today and put together several lab supply packets, went to the grocery store (1 1/2 hr) came home and slept 3 hours! I'm STILL exhausted! LOVE that Humira has kicked butt on the Psoriasis....the PSA is much better but WHAT is going to kick the Exhaustion???

Maybe getting your husband to do the food shopping? Some weeks it seems like all I really can do is go to work and I am done for anything else. I use Amazon for as much as I possibly can so I don't have to do much shopping.

I should let him do the grocery shopping but then he spends way more than I do! :) He does carry the groceries in though....