Advice on participating in a Secukinumab phase III study, anyone doing one already?

I may have an opportunity to participate in a phase III study for Novartis' Secukinumab. It works differently than other TNF inhibitors, apparently. I have been on Remicaid (no MTX) for nearly 6 months with at first good results, and now waning success.
I'm interested in anything anyone has to share about this new drug (IL-17) and participating in study trials in general. It takes a little work.
Thanks for any sharing.

Will they let you into the study? Check the rules to see if Remicade precludes you from joining the study. If you can't get into that one, there's many studies all over the place for the IL-17 antagonists. There's three different meds in fact, all in studies now.

Thanks. Are you hearing anything about the effectiveness of IL-17 for PsA?