A warm welcome to Mhub from South Carolina!


I am glad to introduce you to the wonderful community of Living With PsA! Misdiagnosis can certainly be a very frustrating experience, and many of our fellow members can relate to that sentiment.

I am sorry to hear that you have not found a treatment plan that provides the relief you are looking for - I am sure that having to deal with fatigue on top of having tough job as a nurse is very difficult. Luckily you have a trusted partner to keep you energized - what breed is your dog anyways?

Feel free to start getting involved in conversations around here so you can ask questions and share your experiences with the rest of our wonderful members. You can always check our the “How To Use This Site” tab up top for some useful beginner tips, or just send me any questions or concerns you might have.

So enjoy your time here and never hesitate to start contributing!