A mind over logic MTX story

Well its funny to me. My granddaughter, Tana, was admitted earlier this week because she inexplicably quit producing urine. Whether it was a burst ovarian cyst, Inflammation or something else we don’t know. It got to the point where they had scheduled time to insert shunts to start dialysis. Fortunately after 12 liters of ringers lactate and hourly electrolyte checks she has slowly started “producing” and electrolytes are holding steady at borderline levels and the dialysis is on hold. With a bit of luck we can turn the corner in the next couple of days.

Anyway I got a panicked phone call from the hospital pharmacist yesterday. It was her “injection day” both the MTX and Humira. He was wondering IF I could bring in her meds and take care of it as getting a single dose of Humira was “difficult” in terms of “paperwork” No problem grabbed her kit and zipped down. figuring I could be in and out in ten minutes…

THAT was not to be. They had to scan in her meds to the system which required a “supervisor’s” approval. That got done and I figured I was home free. So they brought the meds back and I figured we were home free.

No problem with Humira, but the MTX wasn’t there. I asked where it was as I had an appointment to get too. They informed me it was being held by the charge nurse in Oncology as it was a “chemo drug” and required special handling.

So after cooling my heels for another hour (it had already been close to two) The chemo unit supervisor AND an ONCC Nurse specialis showed up with the med for the event. They were there to “observe” and chart note the draw. Now I have to tell you I’m generally not terribly self conscious. But having those two watching checking my draw etc was a wee bit intimidating. (on a number of levels)

We finally got it done, but now I have a granddaughter who had NEVER given a second thought to MTX who is convinced she has “cancer” is going to lose her hair, and have all manner of "side effects. No logic like “you have been doing this on your own for 5 years” would apply.

Granted we never told her anything about the MTX to avoid any “hysteria” and were successful for 5 years, but it is amazing what the mind will do… She is in kidney failure facing a very serious health crises and she was worried about a med she had been taking without incident for 5 years. I’m guessing its because its something she has control of…

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That’s just ridiculously frustrating. I’m glad to hear that she had some improvement, but now they have her freaked out over the MTX for no reason whatsoever.

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Best of luck to Tana … and to you. I’m trying to imagine you keeping your cool during this total farce you describe, guess you had to for your granddaughter.

I think you’re probably spot on: “I’m guessing its because its something she has control of…”. I hope she recovers well very soon and her fears evaporate as a result.

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What an experience… I’m so sorry to hear that happened. I know you guys will get through it, but wow, what an unneccesary thing to have to deal with. My thoughts are with you and Tana.

Wow, best wishes to Tana and your whole family!!! This must be an extremely trying time for you all!!

I’d agree with you there… when we feel we have no control in something in our lives we will often grab onto anything that we might be able to make a difference with!!

I feel for you all, on BOTH counts!! I hope it all gets sorted out as soon as possible!!!

Big cyber hugs to her and all of you. Hope things improve soon for her. Must be really frightening.

Ahh, bureaucracy. Crushing souls on the daily.

All best for Tana’s speedy recovery!

Good luck, Tana! Hope you’re doing better today!
Do they know what caused her kidneys to stop working? That’s really scary!

I brought her home last night, Hospital is no place for a anyone let alone a teen girl. We are having her treated out patient. for IVs cath etc. She is finally producing just enough urine to keep going (she is retaining 50cc’s and releasing 120/day now)

Teachable moment from Grandma though. “if you think peeing hurts, its nothing compared to a baby coming out right next door”