A couple questions!

I just learned a week ago that I have Psa and I don’t have a clue what I’m facing really. Everything started around June of 2009, when I got my first trigger finger. I had just had a baby that April so it was put off as changing too many diapers. I am thankful for now knowing what is causing my pain and fatigue and I no longer hide it from my husband. Now you have a little back story so here’s my questions! Is it normal to lose a large amount of hair during a flare? Tonight as I pulled fist full after fist full off my head I remembered that ye last time I was this tired and sore and felt like I was dieing I lost a ton too and it was around the time this all started. Everyone just told me it was normal after birth. I feel just like that! My other question is does any one use ASTYM therapy on sore areas for tissue regrowth? If you do does it help any for pain control?

Dear Shutterbug,

Welcome to our group. There are many of us loosing large amounts of hair. It can be meds, though you have not listed any on your profile, (we refer to those to best answer questions). It can be the flare, stress, pain, thyroid...


I do not have plantar fascilitis, but there are others on this site that do. This says that it helps

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t2KkdMlqRZU here is a video that may help you with this. There are ladies who use such exercises on the Fibromyalgia site that find it beneficial.

I hope you get some relief with this, or you may want to check back with your Doctor.



Last time my thyroid tested out fine stress isn’t that bad, and only taking Mobic currently, which I have been taking for 2 years with no issues. Still waiting to hear back on blood work this time! I have ASTYM done on my hands since I suffer severely with trigger fingers/sausage fingers but my sil (she’s a physical therapist) is not sure we should continue since more tendons are being effected.

What meds, on any biologics, anything to slow the progression, going to a Rheumatologist?

I am seeing a new Rheumatologist was diagnosed last week, after fighting symptoms for 3 years. No biologics yet (waiting on blood test results) just taking Mobic for pain and inflammation. This is all very new to me, but the hair loss is not normal for me.

Stress and hormones will cause hair loss (there are lots of hormones that are NOT thyroid) How old is the baby? I'd be checking with your Gyno. It can take a year or more to get back in to the groove after a baby comes. (listen to a group of new dads talking to each other)

Stress???? New baby, pain, medical tests, what do you think????

Baby is 3 and a half! Lol it’s not that and I don’t have much stress. So I guess my answer is that flares aren’t normal in flares.

Flares aren’t normal in flares! Lol guess I’m losing my mind along with my hair! Hair loss isn’t normal in flares is what I was wanting to say.

Welcome, Shutterbug!

The hair loss may be normal for you with flares- even if you don't have emotional / mental stress, PsA flares cause a lot of physical stress. It could also be hormone related, so that's definitely something to look into. Do you have scalp psoriasis? That could contribute to hair loss as well.

If it's coming out in handfuls, definitely contact your doctor about it.


I'm glad that you are finally getting answers to your health condition. It was a really long 5 years for me not knowing what was wrong with me. You can learn a lot from this site. I'm Kinda new to all this, I was Dx last nov.