Long, thick hair falling out. Enbrel or stress? Anyone else have this?

I don't know what to do. Already taking biotin for my hair, as stress has had this effect on me previously. I was not expecting this. Only been on Enbrel 2 weeks and 2 days.

I don't think Enbrel has affected my hair but when I added Mtx and started taking Mtx in addition to Enbrel I started losing a lot of hair. Maybe I was losing some when on Enbrel but it was not noticeable. I know stress makes my hair fall out also. I also lose hair spring and fall. I most be molting!

Even before I started meds (on prednisone and mtx) I was losing a lot of hair. The doctor said it was from my high levels of inflammation. So it may be possible you are losing hair just from PsA/inflammation/disease.

Thanks for the feedback. Mtx made me lose hair 8 years ago, but it grew back curly. The hair loss this past couple years is different. It freaks me out a little, as I never know if it will grow back. I'm having to be creative to camo my thinning on the top and front of my head. Sheesh.

Low iron can cause hair loss. During flares my iron level dips to "almost anemic". I've been taking Twinlabs bran ron (non-constipating, and the only one my stomach can handle without nausea) for about 4 months and my hair is finally falling out less. I take B vitamins as well to help with the iron absorption. I was tested for EVERYTHING to see why my hair was falling out. No help. So I started the iron on my own and Viola! drastically reduced hair loss. Because of the hair growth cycle it took awhile to see the results.

I was on Enbrel for years with no hair loss.