A Bit of Houskeeping

Every once in a while a situation arises where we want to inform the community about. As you may know we have the ability to share with social media our bots blogs and news stream (wall/status posts) The decision to do so is entirely yours. However this last week we had a couple of instances of sharing that went beyond that.

In one case a member posted on her news stream a thread from another site (which was a closed site) that included personal information as well as portions of this persons medical records. She also claimed (and later denied doing the same with portions of a thread here. Cutting pasting from one site to another whether manual or mechanical is a violation of terms of service. It can be considered a copy right violation if not worse. Many sites, including this one are open to the public through search. That does not mean what you find here is for public dissemination.

The second instance was more innocent. Someone hit the share button for a very great blog wanting to share it with others in Facebook group. Sadly we don't have the capability to limit sharing to only ones own posts, although we are working on it. In the meantime we asking that you ask the original poster to approve reposting/sharing anywhwere.

To that end we have added a link to the Terms Of Service in the navigation menu:


We also added a : #6. No sharing of members posts to other sites without their express permission. to the general guidlines on the home page.