Hi guys

Just having a whinge - been on enbrel for nearly 3 months plus mtx took my meds this ring now laying in bed feeling sick, nausea is awful and really tired. So over this!!! I thoughi it was starting to work this is the worse I have felt in terms of side effects, psoriasis is also getting worse, I only ever had a tiny patch on my elbows but it has now spread - due to see dr on Monday but thinki am going to get a second opinion.

I'm all over the whining. A second opinion is never a bad idea. My husband keeps saying, "But I thought you were doing better." The obvious answer is that I was, but I am not right now. Know that you're not alone.

I could not take the enbrel. Stayed nauseated all the time.

There are other alternatives to Enbrel which can be more effective for you. It does sound like the Enbrel is not working. My Psoriasis has almost gone after three months on Enbrel.

Keep in mind if you change doctors that you may have to go through the process of trial and error with meds all over again before the give you the more effective ones.

A second opinion is always helpful if you think you have been misdiagnosed. Unlikely though if you have Psoriasis and joint pain and inflammation but still is possible.

Just a couple of things you might like to try.

Are you taking folic acid with your Mtx as that may help with nausea. 5mg not .05mg. Ask your doctor about this as this is the normal practice to take both.

Ginger is good for nausea also good for travel sickness. Can be made into a drink with lemon and honey. Try your health food store for other pre -packaged ways to take it.

You could also take your Mtx later in the day so that you sleep during to avoid the worse part of the nausea.

Are you particularly stressed right now as this is a big trigger for PSA and psoriasis getting worse. This whole thing can be stressful until you canto alleviate the stress in our lives. Sometimes that can mean big changes to your life and that can also be very stressful but worth it in the long run. Something to think about.

Have you tried Organic Coconut Oil on your Psoriasis to help reduce the flaking and the itching. No good if you are allergic to nuts though. It is also good to cook with and to get some inside of you. It is the healthiest known oil due to its unique make up. It goes through your body quicker and does not attach to the arteries. The net has plenty of info on it.

I also find diet plays a big part in how my body behaves. There are foods that help with inflammation and their are foods to avoid. Plenty of information on the net if your interested.

Rainy weather on its way and sometimes during wet spells affects me.

I hope I have helped in some small way

Thanks Bella , helpful information. I am taking frolic acid. I went to dr on Monday and she has told me to stop the mtx to see if this s causing nausea, she wants me to have my last dose of enbrel this week and another blood test next week, she wants to put me on humeria. I am wondering what would happen if I stopped all meds ??? I am not really stressed at the momen I have stopped work for that reason as the stress was making me worse, whic I think has helped.