When to switch Biologics?

I was wondering during my latest and present flare, how did your Rheumy determine it was time to change biologics?? I would love any feedback as I am on Enbrel (6 months now) and have been going through a flare for 4 weeks. My Rheumy switched NSAIDs only at appt. last week. Thank you so much.

Not everyone will need to switch biologics. Sometimes people are on the same biologics for years with good results. Some of us have to switch after a few years and some really unlucky ones (me!) have to switch about yearly due to our over active immune systems building antibodies very quickly. I am on my 5th biologic Remicade since December 2012 and it isn't doing much now. People on biologics can still have flares and sometimes it is very difficult to tell if you are having a flare or if it is time to switch but 6 months seems way too early to switch to me. If it is a flare it will fade away and the Enbrel will be working again. If it is not a flare you will get less and less relief with each injection or infusion until it is all one flare. I hope this helps and doesn't further confuse the situation.

Sorry I forgot to mention I have taken Enbrel in the past. First, 8 years ago for about a year. I went into remission for the next 5 years (then only on NSAIDS). Then on Enbrel again for 10 months and into remission for two more years (only on NSAIDS, again during that time). This may be a flare that will go away soon. My doctor hasn’t mentioned a prednisone taper, but then again…my pain and joint swelling are like a moving target. Every day is like a new day with the exception of SI joint pain and fatigue. My early days were much more textbook classic…horrible Achilles tendinitis and sausage toes, etc. I guess I just have been lucky and never experienced a flare with a biologic. They have always made me feel like I never had PSA. After 21years or more of the disease, I guess progression is inevitable.
Thank you for all your advice, but most of all your time and support.