What would you do if you lost your insurance?

So, my husband's company is threatening to fire him if he can't get his food costs in line. He is working his butt off and there are some factors that are out of his control, but the possibility is that he may be let go after 10 years with this company. he is 60 years old and the job market is very tough in this neck of the woods. NC just lowered unemployment benefits to 350 a week and you can only get them for 20 weeks. We have spent most of our savings on my medical bills. I don't know what in the world we will do but my faith is in God. Still, I wonder what we can do, practically speaking to try and keep up with treating my illness in the least expensive way. I recently read that MTX, Plaquenil and Sulpha...whetever used together are as effective as biologics. I am allergic to the Sulfa drug, but I wonder if I used Plaquenil and MTX together if I could hold things at bay until Obamacare kicks in....who knows what that will be like

PRAYER, that is what will help. I got a letter from my health insurance company telling me they where cutting some of my insurance, I was worried if I would still be able to see my doctors withe this limited coverage. I prayed and everything worked out. I am sure you probably have already been praying, but, also have your christian friends pray too. "For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them." Matthew 18:20 God has it all under control. I will pray too. "being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus." Philippians 1:6

Before all these newfangled meds, high doses of NSAID's were what kept the disease to a low roar. I took the equivalent of 3200mg of ibuprofen for many years. I understand this is no longer medically accepted practice, with all the better meds out there, but that's what kept me from damage and deformity for 10 years.

In some ways if you are on biologicals, you are almost better off without insurance....... Someone in your rheumys office can expedite the assistance paperwork if necessary with the drug companies. It takes a few days at most. Remicade may be a bit different as it requires an infusion center..,. (now is the time to ask though)

Your husbands unemployment will unfortunately puts you over the limit for medicaid in most states, but check anyway each state has different rules for income adjustments (housing utilities etc.) Ther are community clinics operating on a sliding fee scale that can provide primary care. They have arrangements for referals that operate the same way so likley would maintain your rheumy and infusion schedule.

If I remember correctly, you don't have enough credits for SSDI? You can always go through the back door and self refer to Vocational Rehab. While they are preparing you fo "work" they usually provide some kind of medical coverage. getting through to Jan. 1 is the goal here. Thats only 2 or 3 infusions with the assitance program etc. and some cooperation from the infusion center, it will work out.

I kind of had and still have a similiar situation. About 3 months before my husband lost his teaching job, I was diagnosed. We payed Cobra for awhile, but could no longer afford that. At the time my kids qualified for Medicaid, but not us. I could NOT get private insurance (probably couldn't afford it anyway) because of the pre-existing. About a year later I applied for disability and was denied. I am 35 and a stay at home mom so age was a factor. I also lost my credits a few months before being diagnosed because I chose to be a stay at home mom. Stay at home moms don't earn credits even though we work. I wanted to work but was in such bad shape. I applied for Johnson and Johnson Patient Assistance Foundation Inc, assistance in paying for Remicade. Johnson and Johnson Patient Assistance Foundation Inc. covered it 100% excpet for the nurse cost at the infusion center which was about 100.00 for every visit. Unfortunately I got one infusion and developed pneumonia a week later and landed myself in the ER and was taken off the Remicade. That little visit and the antibiotics they had to use cost me about 3,000 because of not having the insurance. One year later (3 months ago), I now qualify for Medicaid. I can now get Enbrel and it is really helping me to the point that I think I could handle part time work. The problem is that if I work I loose Medicaid and then my access to Enbrel (then my ability to work)- assuming my husband still hasn't found a job that can support 2 kids and had good insurance. The economy isn't too good in Ohio either. I feel like I am up agianst a brick wall. With this said, Enbrel Support told me that they can still adjust payments based on income. That is a decision I will need to make soon. Agian, the Remicade assistance was Johnson and Johnson Patient Assistance Foundation Inc. Hopes this helps.

Mimi you are in my thoughts and prayers as usual; just a little extra prayer these days.

Mimi, I have felt a kinship with you since I came to this forum. I am praying for you, holding you up to Him, and hoping that you can have peace in knowing He is in control. Stress makes all of the symptoms worse, which is the last thing you need. Do anything and everything to quell the anxiety and stress. Although my spouse has been at the hospital 7 years, I know first hand that it doesn't secure employment at all. I was let go from the same employer after over 10 years of employment. So I figure that my health and insurance are on a day to day basis. This means I depend on my maker on a day to day basis as well. It sucks that not only is this disease disabling, it also hurts like hell. I'm sorry, sweetie, and big hugs to you over the www.

Mimi you must have special power; I am having a really good day! I hope mine are just as heard for you. <3