Wensday night on the bathroom floor

IBS attack! It was horrible and its something you dont want to talk about. Last night I had an attack that was so bad I was laying on the bathroom floor breaking out in a terrible sweat and writhing in pain. It was like child birth. No lie. I have motility issues. It seems that the nerves in my upper and lower GI do not work very well. This has been going on for 13 years. I have bouts were I have a "poop day" when I just go alot!! But last night was everything all at once!! I found myself laying on the floor most of the time lying perfectly still because of the pain.

I dont know what to think of this attack. It was the worst ever., I thought I was going to pass out and I almost threw up.

I hope this doesnt happen again.

I can sympathize, I had a bad bowel day yesterday too…not as severe as yours but lets, say enough to bring tears to my eyes!
Have you been screened for IBD?

Just a thought...perhaps it was appendicitis or a kidney stone. I have dealt with both of those and the pain does resemble childbirth. At least call your doc and if it happens again, consider going to the ER. I hope you feel better today.

I do have IBD and motility issues. I have 2 GI docs. One is a motility specialist and the other is a general GI doc. I dont think it is a kidney stone or or appedicitis because it wasnt in the area most commonly associated with those attacks. It was motility issues again. I will see my GI doc next week and tell him about it and see what he wants to do. @ Louise and Just Me, thank you for your comments and I feel for you too for the pain and issues you have to deal with.

Could it be your gallbladder? My sis, mom and grandma all had theirs removed. My sis said it hurt more than childbirth.

I have ibs and sometimes I get what I call “poo contractions” (I know it sounds gross).they are sharp pains that make me fold in half!