Welcome Badfeet! Do your feet hurt?

TntLamb, Thank you for the product link. . Most of my toenails grow perpendicular to the nail bed, and they tend to rip and tear. I wish I could find a place to get a pedicure like you receive. I would not have a clue how to find a person that would be willing or capable of doing one.

Oh Keith, that sounds awful and wearing shoes must be really difficult. And tearing them can lead to infections … oh dear.

Interesting that you had a podiatrist who suggested a fix (destroying the nail beds). That sounds awful, but in fact it may be more comfortable and easier to maintain than what you have now.

Let us know if you have any success!

Great illustration @tntlamb! Most of the men are wondering, “I wonder what he was driving?” If you could put this scenario in video form or perhaps a skit with John Cleese behind the wheel returning angrily to the shop keeper about the faulty tires…hey! You have the making of a British comedy…“Faulty Tires”!!
Whack a mole still makes a lot of sense. It’s kind of crazy the lengths we have to go to explain the weirdness of our PsA journey.


Seriously, I;am sure that plenty of people on this board have the fissures on the bottoms of their feet, a inch or so of plaque on their heels, and nail problems; its kind of par for the course. As far as the destruction of the nail bed via laser, I got a second and third opinion and I was advised against it.

There is always acetate as a last resort for a really problematic nail, but I prefer a really good nail cutter, which are really hard to find.

BahahahaROFL! Throw in a funny walk and a dead parrot and Romans go home! Sorry folks, Amos has inadvertently struck my ridiculous bone. If you need a explanation, it wouldn’t be funny any more.

I’m sorry, it’s been that kind of day.


Oh boy, do you have that right, and they hurt like &^#*@! I know we also have members here who have the skin on the bottoms of their feet peeling off because of psoriasis. Fortunately, I haven’t.

What do you mean by “acetate”, Keith? That’s a new one for me.

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Hey we all need some sort of laugh to get us through! We sadly develop our own silly walks. Seenie, you must stop telling your rheumy, “It’s just a flesh wound!” My apologies, my goofy side gets the best of me at times.

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Hey there @Keith, The thick soles and fissures can be so painful. I make my own sanding block with an 8 inch by1 1/2 piece of board by gluing 120 grit aluminum oxide sand paper to it. I have yet to find anything that works so well and lasts forever. I keep my heels very well maintained and have almost eliminated the cracks etc. My wife swears by it too. It takes off a lot of dry skin in a hurry.


Not to make light Keith, although I know you are FLA, you might consider a Granola Community such ZOO Town here in Montana where folks wear Birkenstock Spring summer winter an Fall WITHOUT socks ever. At least give those piggys a bit of room to wiggle. BTW my pedicurists is at an old Barbershop called the Manshop the place is a throwback to the 80’s Its a real barber shop (as opposed to a “salon”) multiple TV screens playing assorted sport games. Old video games (I can still play Pong) Its rather a fun place. Its recently added an Axe throwing range HOWEVER pedicures are in the basement… The Axe throwing place has a liquor license. What could POSSIBLY go wrong with that??

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“Acetate” is basically a prescription nail polish that softens them to the point where the can be cleanly cut, or if the loss of the nail is imminent, make the removal painless.

I have done that,

My heals are amendable to what what you suggest, but the fissures are like a giant callus with crack that is subdermal that never heals. The only solution I have come to is that when the fissures get really inflamed and sore, I shoot them up with lidocaine red.

I have ne

I spent a couple years working in Minneapolis, I loved the cold, and actually dated a girl from Big Sky in college, damn you people drive fast,

No, only use dry. Wet will clog the sandpaper and it will fall apart.

I wanted to do this last night but was too lazy. Wandered the shed and saw a big old file hanging up, that works okay on dry skin too :rofl:

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I think I still have my hoof trimming rasp somewhere. I’ve been through the cracked heel problem and don’t need that pain along with the enthesitis…the sandpaper block and then regular rub of olive oil and eventually all cracks are gone.

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Amos, Jen… I find that a Dremel tool is more effective that an orbital sander. I will definitely try the olive oil thing. I have actually had luck with soaking my feet in a very warm epsom salt bath for 10 or so minutes, letting them dry out for another 15 or so minutes than applying salicylic acid (wart remover) The heal lesions turn white, and and can be thinly sliced off with an Exacto-knife.

Oh the things we do to cope with the day-to-day challenges of our condition! And who would understand besides US?


The irony is that a horse rasp, or file is to remove heal lesions is not an absurdity.


Wow, that’s a powerful story! I should be grateful my feet have not changed form. I’m at a loss for words. Yes, I have searched the word feet. Somehow it brought me to this group. I purchased a pair of new shoes for working in yesterday at Nordstrom’s for $20 . They are like wearing a croc like material. They look like clogs. I hope they help, but this really seems like a nerve issue. Anyhow, I’m now dealing with a hip issue after taking a 3’ fall when some sand collapsed as we were stepping off of a shelf of sand at the beach. How does this stuff happen?..…I was being super careful. Anyway, it happened and something popped in my hip . Had x-rays and there is no break so it is a tendon but now my hip is bone on bone and I can’t lift my leg higher than 6-8”. Side affect of all of this is now my spin no longer have that pinching sharp pain as I stand at work. What a trade off!! I’ll take it. This morning I woke up with my pinky really hurting and I can’t straighten it. This pain issue, never seems to let up. It just finds a different place to go. I hope you feel great today and if you don’t I hope you find something to warm your soul. BTW Seenie, is that a Vizsla? What a beautiful dog! They can be wild…. I have Brittany’s and the red one can
be crazy wild like the Vizsla sometimes. Love them! My girl is bossy….

Macey, yes, I am lucky to be feeling well and YES that’s a Vizsla. Barat (Hungarian for “Buddy”) was my heart dog: we lost him a few years back. Yes, he could be wild but he was smart enough and well-trained enough that it wasn’t often a problem: he could always be redirected. He was a playing machine and a non-stop kiss dispenser.
The hip issue sounds awful. Mine was bone on bone, and that is bad enough, but the ligament thing (“something popped” ouch) sounds typically PsA to me. I put my knee out (audible pop too) very early on in my (undiagnosed) disease, and neither the physio nor the doc could figure it out. What a pest this disease is.
About your feet: yes, nerve issues abound too, although I am inclined to think that my pain is mechanical. I’m pretty good on crocs, so I hope they work for you too. And $20 is a deal!
Hang in there!