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I haven’t found anything on this site about it, so…
Have any of you ever had TIPIC (TransIent Perivascular Inflammation of the Carotid Artery)
I have it on a regular basis, and only recently we found out what it was.
The GP thinks it’s connected to my overall inflammatory reactions.
Have not met rheumy after diagnosis.
It is very painful up to the point that swallowing hurts.
treated with NSAID’s and or steroids it disappears within a few weeks. Left to its own devices it will go as well, but takes a bit longer to do so.
afterwards there are no ill effects whatsoever.

That is definitely new to me. But if it’s inflammatory in nature, then it would make sense that it’s related.

How often are you dealing with this?

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Experience with it? You bet. I had a stroke because of it. Whether its symptomatic or not, cartoid plaques continue to develop and the risk of ischemic stroke increases. It needs treated by a very experienced Cardiologist (and I don’t mean a cath lab jockey) but one very familiar with inflammatory disease. On going medication is often prescribed (xaraleto etc)



I had it 4 times last year and already twice this year. It alternates sides as well.

You gave me a fright there. I’m going to get a cardiologist referral on monday.
See if we can mitigate the risks

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Wow! That’s pretty frequent. Do you feel like your PsA is well controlled right now?

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It is reasonably controlled. As in I don’t need steroids anymore to supplement the dmard’s. Still get deep fatigue a lot.

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