The waiting game

I haven't started the biologics yet. I had a bit of an issue since I expected my regular rheumy to look after it during my regular appointment. To my surprise he told me to go to the clinic for them...which makes no sense, now I have had to wait longer.

Not impressed with my regular rheumy at this time. I felt like he brushed me off. I had to go back onto prednisone to get me through the wait. Not impressed that my regular rheumy took off and closed the office for a few weeks without at least making sure I had a back up prescription. I had to go to my GP for the last prescription of prednisone. Thankfully he's done his homework on PsA and understands. I can tell by things he has asked me he's been doing his research. Nice to know I had a GP I can depend on.

I tried to get an earlier appointment at the clinic but they are booked solid, at least last time I checked. Some of the docs are leaving and they are short handed so I was told.

Without prednisone I am in constant pain with tendonitis from my finger tips to my elbow, in every single finger. I will have trouble carrying, opening or holding anything and everything no matter how light it is.

Even once I'm at the clinic, I will have to wait for blood tests to be done before starting new meds.

Trying to patiently wait as usual which is easier now that I at least had the prednisone to help me through.

I am mad at your rheumy just reading this! I guess that the silver lining is that your GP is on the ball.

How frustrating for you. I hope the waiting goes quickly for your clinic appointment. I'm so glad you have a GP you can trust. Knowing that someone is in your corner is a big deal.

Thanks for the support. It helps a lot. :)

That’s just crazy! I hope the clinic gets things taken care of quickly so you can get the meds you need!

OK, Dini, time to get organized and enlist the help of your GP. If I remember correctly, you will be asked for chest x-rays and you will need to be TB tested. You can get the TB test at your health unit without charge or doctor’s orders. Your family doctor can order the chest x-rays.

I’m sure that if you call the clinic, they will tell you what tests are routinely ordered before going on a biologic. Phyllis, the biologics nurse who woorks there, will probably tell you. If you can get your doc to cooperate in getting yours tests all done, then getting the bio should be easy when you get to the clinic. Once all your tests are done, it’ll only be a matter of days. (BTW, I did exactly what I’m suggesting before I went to The Clinic. I had my prescription PDQ.)

I’m not happy to hear that they have docs leaving. Yikes.

PS the TB test is what could take long. I had to wait for an appointment, and then it takes a couple of weeks to do the two stage test.

Thanks Seenie...that's great advice.