Swollen fingers

I am on MTX for almost a year. Doesn’t seem to be working any more and this morning woke up to find my middle finger swollen to almost twice it’s size. All my pain seems to e coming back and hanging around longer every day. I have a rhumy appt on Friday morning. I don’t exactly know why but am terrified of the biologics.

I'm sorry. It's good that you'll be going in so soon. There are some alternatives to MTX, but it may be realistic to consider biologics at this point.

May I ask why you are terrified of biologics? If you list your fears maybe those of us with lots of biologics experience can help you with more information / personal experience?

i've heard nothing but good about the biologics except the cost

One thing I found terrifying about biologics, and this was before I was in a position to even consider needing to use them, was the voice-over on the TV commercials droning on about the increased risk of leukemia and lymphoma. From what I have been able to find out though, that risk was seen in young men being treated for Crohn's disease and/or ulcerative colitis. Some studies haven't even found an increased risk in that population.

Face it: you have entered the Land of No Good Choices. Any treatment carries risks, but so does going without treatment. Have a frank talk with your rheumy this week, and try to make decisions based on as many facts and as little fear as possible.

I have been on the biological for the last 20 weeks and so far have not had any bad side effects quite frankly the Psa is that bad that I was willing to take the risk

yeah not having any treatment will really suck eventually. io am to the point where my hands have gotten so bad i may need surgery in one or both of them. so get it treated while you are ahead of the game.