Swelling without pain?

Is this normal or does anyone else experience it? For the past few months I've noticed that I have virtually no pain but my joints are still visibly swollen.

Yes, I recently had that in my toe. Doesn't usually happen to me though

My knee has been swollen for the better part of six years, and it’s frequently not painful. Even if it’s not painful, this means that damage can be occurring, so this is definitely something to all about with your doctor.

My right hand has been very sore. I compared it to my left hand and they look the same, so I concluded the right hand has pain and no swelling. The rheumy corrected me and said both of my hands are swollen. I only have pain in the right and no pain in the left. Very weird to me.

Thank you guys, I'll definitely have to tell my rheumy about it next time I go in.