Sulfasalazine and covid

Has anyone had any guidance in this medication and if you should shield or not? I am a teacher and don’t know if to go back working with my class again or not?

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I spoke with my Rheumy and she is advising me to consider myself high risk until more is known about taking immune suppressants and this disease. Right now, they just don’t know.

There was a lot of discussion here about this. The general rule of thumb seems to be keep taking the medications that you are already on, but possibly wait to start a new medication, as you don’t know how you’ll respond to it.

Following the general safety guidelines is likely sufficient, but you will need to weigh out your personal risk factors, prevalence of Covid-19 in your area, and implementation of safety protocols in your workplace.

In the UK the DMARD sulfasalazine has been deemed safe as regards risks to Covid 19. However that may change depending on your own other underlying health conditions. But the Association of UK Rheumatologists have given this med zero points on the risk analysis for Covid 19, unlike other DMARDs like mxt and leflunomide (arava) which carry far more risk points. All biologics also carry points on the Covid 19 risk analysis.