Starting Methotrexate Tomorrow

Had an apponitment with my rheumy yesterday as a follow up to finishing my first prednisone treatment. I was taking 30mg and decreased the dosage down to 5mg during a 2 week period. My swelling and pain seemed to decrease while I was on the full dosage but as the dosage decreased, I immediately felt the symptoms coming back. I was told at my previous appointment that ifthe prednisone didn't kick the PsA out, that we would need to try Methotrexate. So I went into my appointment yesterday with the thought that Methotrexate was not going to be an option for me. The side effects that I read about scared me and with my luck, I'd end up with every single side effect. I discussed my concerns with my rheumy and she convinced me to at least try it because the disease won't go away without treatment. She also said that my PsA is very aggressive. Yay me. So I think I'll start my Methotrexate on Saturday (tomorrow). That way I have Sunday to deal with side effects (if any). I'm not looking forward to this treatment but I'm hoping it'll give my body some relief eventually. I also filled out an application for a disability parking permit because some days just plain suck and it' hard to move, let alone walk. At times I avoid going to the store because of the pain of walking. My rheumy was a doll and approved the application. I went straight to the DMV after my appointment and got my disabled parking placard. Keep in mind I'm only 37, so it was a little embarrassing to go thru this process. I know that there are people who need the preferred parking more than I do, so I will not use the benefit unless I feel it absolutely necessary. Last but not least, I take vicodin like my daily coffee. It helps me loosen up each morning. I asked my rheumy if I should be reqesting refills thru her or thru my PCP. She said that they'd rather patients go thru their PCP. I told her that I don't think my PCP is aware of the extent of the progression of the PsA because the last time I requested a refill, she made me wait 2 weeks. Rheumy said that she'd shoot notes over to my PCP so that she could see how aggressive my symptoms are and that I'm starting my Methotrexate treatment which won't give me relief for at the very least a month or 2. Thank God for my rheumy who seems to understand the pain I feel on a daily basis. Ok well that's all for now. 2dles.

My daughter was diagnosed 8 months ago, although she has had underlying symptoms for years (she is only 21). Lauren went the same route as you did - prednizone, then methotrexate along with hdroxychloriquin or something like that. The symptoms of the mx are not as bad as they were when she first started it. She is tired the next day, but that's it. I have noticed that her pain and swelling is a lot better than eight months ago - but there are days where she hurts (even to the touch). I think that pain management will drive her lifestyle in the years to come.

Well I just took my 7th dose of Methotrexate this morning. I am happy to report that I have had no side effects from this drug! I was referred to a pain management specialist and was prescribed oxycodone because unlike vicodin, the oxycodone does not get processed by my liver. I have been living a more comfortable life but still have the swelling and pain.