Sore on leg

Woke up on New Year's Day with a shallow, circular wound on my leg, about 2 cms across. Unfortunately it is definitely not due to any drunken celebratory shenanigans. Nor can I recall banging my leg and am pretty sure I haven't burnt it on my trusty hot water bottle. Might this be PsA related do any of you think? Has anyone had anything similar? It looks like an ulcer to me although I gather that the definition of an ulcer is a wound that doesn't heal and it does seem to be drying up satisfactorily so far. Just cannot work out how I got it.

Hi Sybil,

I don't know how perfectly circular the wound is, but could you have scratched it in your sleep by any chance? I bled myself so many times because I would scratch and not remember. (As a matter of fact, a couple of days ago I woke up with a small mark on my face next to my mouth that looked like I had pinched myself, it looked all bloody beneath the first layer of my skin).

It could be something else too of course, though I don't know what. Maybe you might consider showing it to a doctor if it doesn't clear up or similar sores appear somewhere else on your body?

Any chance of an insect bite?

Lots of disease can cause what your are talking about - IBD, RA, SLE, vasculitis. There could be other reasons as well may have nothing to do with immune disease.

Well, I’m hoping it’s nothing serious. Watch for signs of cellulitis or unusual stiffness. I say this because my husband woke up one a.m. With a swollen elbow and what looked like a little sore from a bug bite right in the center of this lump. This was over a month ago. The lump and surrounding cellulitis is gone, but he has a lot of joint stiffness since. I know you said yours is a sore and not a lump, but just a heads up in case you get other unexplained symptoms.