Sleep? Whats that!?

So, Its now 5 weeks and counting of insomnia, mind numbing sleeplessness, that’s dragging me down. I’ve tried almost everything from warm baths and lavender to melatonin and nytol. I’ve listened to so many podcasts and whale music all to no avail. I’ve kept up with my exercise and eaten well, and my bedroom is the epitome of a cool calm oasis. But sleep has left me, bereft.

I'm sorry. That's so challenging. I've had bouts of insomnia, but never quite so extensive. It sounds like you're doing the right things. You turn off screens two hours before bedtime also?

The only other thing that pops into my head is to make sure to expose yourself to daylight when you wake up. That should help with your own production of melatonin at the right time of the evening.

Good luck.

Yep all screens are no longer used in my bedroom. I’ve been getting up at the same time everyday and making sure I get out in the fresh air every day. I can now lay in my room throughout the night in a calm relaxed state occasionally drifting off for a few minutes. Its really weird, I’ve always had bouts of insomnia but never like this. I’ve got a GP appointment on Wednesday as I’ve now decided to throw in the towel and admit defeat.


I hope you get some relief soon. I go through bouts of sleeplessness myself, and it's hard to do life when I haven't slept. Let us know what the doctor says. I hope he or she can help!

Well seen the GP and he's upped my amitriptyline dose to 50mg.......fingers crossed!! I've got my first day back at work tomorrow and its gonna be a hard one as its monthly blood testing for all of our patients, plus I've had 2 weeks off on annual leave. Have renewed my lavender candle so I will positively think of that lovely refreshing sleep to come :)

Don't laugh at me but I count sheep. Well, not sheep exactly but I was told that you need to give the mind something to do but not too much ...... so I count 1 to 10 and then back to 1 and so on. I was sceptical but it definitely helps stop the constant thoughts that can keep me awake or stop me getting back to sleep if I've woken. I also keep a stick of 4Head next to the bed and apply that to my forehead .... it's a lovely tingly cooling levomenthol ..... I know it's for tension headaches but it is harmless and it's especially good for hot flushes as well. Wishing you lots of zzzzzzzzzz's.

I hope that works for you! Don't forget your most cozy pjs and a warm bath. :) That's my least favorite sleep advice, and also what helps me when all else fails.

I’m with Jules on the sheep, or at least a pleasant visualization. My visualization is diving into a deep warm blue tropical pool. I try to imagine the sensations, my breath, the bubbles … I surface, and go down again, and again. Not the thing if you are scared of water! But swimming is my happy place.
Warm PJs … yes. But I have a funny “treatment” that I sometimes use for insomnia. For some reason, I have to get cold, really really shivering cold first. I’ve been known to lie on top of the bed, starkers, in midwinter in our cold Canadian bedroom until I can’t take it any more. (I would appreciate your witholding comments. ROFL!!! Naahhh…never mind, go for it!) When I think I’m about to perish from hypothermia, out come the warm PJs and an extra blanket and I burrow in. More often than not, I warm up and fall asleep immediately. Funny thing, I told my sister this and she does the same thing! LOL
The amitriptylene will help as well, I hope. Let us know how it goes.

Ok folks, I’ve slept!! Wednesday night I took an increased dose of Amitriptyline (50mg) as prescribed by the GP, did my usual bed time routine slept from about 10.30ish til my alarm went off at 5.30am for work…felt like a zombie all day at work, I must admit, but that is usual for me after sleeping well after a period of very little sleep. Last night did wake to go to the toilet, but slipped back into sleep quite well :slight_smile:
Seenie lol I get so hot at night that I’m often on top of the covers with the window wide, but a UK winter doesn’t compare!! Good on you girl if that’s what helps you. I’m very rarely covered in bed so I always have something hanging out, popping out, stuck out to act as a heat regulator. Have only just trained my partner not to cover me up when he’s touched the uncovered portion and finds it very cold to the touch…he said he once had to check I was still breathing my arm felt that cold! . GP thinks my weird heat problems are actually a manifestation of the fibro, made worse by menopause. But I digress…I’ve slept people, I’ve slept!! :slight_smile:

Aaaaahh, Louise, what a relief. Great news.

I’ve been to the UK in midwinter, and darling, I’ve never been so freakin’ cold in all my life. Everybody made fun of me. And you know how I CAN’T STAND being teased! ROFL