Side effect of Tremfya - "Athlete's Foot" no on foot!

I am now going into my 5th month on Tremfya. It may be helping some.

I do have a new side effect from it that I have not had from the other biologics. I have “athlete’s foot” showing up on places it doesn’t belong. I had it in one armpit and my doc said Tremfya was a bit worse about that than others. Standard athlete’s foot creams took care of it, but it has popped up in a few other delicate places.

Be on the watch for bumpy red skin with follicles very inflamed. At first, I thought it was the folliculitis we get with the biologics, but then the skin started shedding.

Seems to show up on hot wet places!


Yikes! I didn’t know that there was anything athletic in nature about PsA! It seems @tamac that you are just running around putting out fires in your body, sorry to hear! I think I heard of a “clothing optional PsA colony” somewhere in Europe that allows us special people to expose those “where the sun don’t shine” areas to the sunshine…UV can be healthy for some things. :slight_smile: BUT only under doctor’s care! The mosquitos are too bad in our area for such therapy.

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Bad luck Tamac. It isn’t always an easy judgement between benefits vs downsides. I have something similar with my biologic, Cimza. It has helped a bit and the side effects are bearable but I now have recurrent thrush in my throat and mouth. Antifungals clear it but it comes back so I now require a continuous low dose (once a week) to fend it off. By coincidence I had it back this weekend because I missed a dose. Ironically it is because the biologic is doing its job, ie suppressing immunity that the problem exists. Same for you.
So try not to get Covid…

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The antifungal took care of it, but it spread too much before I figure out what it was. Just keep an eye out for it on places it doesn’t belong if you are on biologics! Keep a tube of a Tanactine or something similar on hand.

I do know that there is a certain region around Tennesse/ Ohio Valley, Kentucky, and the Appalachian areas are fungal infections can occur in immunosuppressed persons. I wish you the best.

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