Should i trust the other rheumatologist or not?

In my almost 40 years of dealing with PsA I have tried most of these. I started out when Dx in 81 with Gold Injections weekly, with lab before each injection. I was a pin cushion for years. I was also on a mlid pain reliever, Darvocet, and a muscle relaxer, Parafon Forte. After years on gold and with the addition of newer drugs, I was on Enbrel, Humira, and added MTX. Every time I had does of MTX I suffered thrush in my mouth throat, or vaginal area. Tried MTX again 20 years after when my current Dr insisted there was no correlation. Well guess what the thrush returned in full force. Has anyone else had this issue? In the last 10 years I was on IV Infusions of Remicade. I had a few flare ups but over all it worked well until 3 years ago when I developed symptoms of Lupus. I was Dx with Remicade induced Lupus and still have a positive ANA. I was of course taken of the Remicade and was tried on several other biologics, 4 to be exact. None had a positive affect. I was very frustrated with the Dr I had, (my Doc retired and he was great and before relocating here I only had 2 Rheumtologists in 25 years and was thankful for that.) I moved to an area with limited care in these diseases not realizing that the excellent care I received at home wouldn’t be the same here. After 3 years if an uncertain Rheumatologist is unsure how to treat me with 2 Autoimmune diseases, and with the addition of Raynauds and Sjogrens, I felt down for the count. I refused to take anything else at this point as it was a guessing game for him and I was too tired to deal with any of it. He placed me on daily Prednisone 10 mg but I only took 5 knowing the side effects. it helped with the pain but the Psoriasis flared up like it never had before and the fatigue is worse. I finally got an appointment at a University 250 miles north of me with a Rheum/Professor. I waited 9 months to see her and she said she would never giver her patients Prednisone like this. She ordered Otezla and I was approved as my Insurance co-pay would have been over $1000.00 per month. I am awaiting the final okay so I can begin the Starter Kit she gave me. Fingers crossed. Now I see my hometown Dr this week so hopefully he received a letter from her as a “2nd Opinion.” Not sure how his ego will take it but I was desperate.
I know I went around the block to get to the corner, sorry for that, but my point is, this disease is so unpredictable and everyone is so different the Dr’s have to be just as frustrated as the patients. There are so few Rhematologists these days and we need more! Now I am just babbling, so sorry about that too. But I wish you the best on your journey as well.