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I have tried many diets ,I have noticed red meat realy flares my psa i once read about a dr that recomended cut animal products completely out your diet has anyone tried this , he also stated that you would flare if you went off the diet something about a animal gene that affected some not all the study was done on a small child that parent controlled his diet. Im tempted to try it after i figure out what you can eat ,anyone have advice what helps them or hurts them when it comes to food.

I far as I know never had a problem with food. In my case cold weather and stress is what always got me. I have been on mtx , humira, enbreal, now remicade and leflunomide and Zoloft has help and done wonders no psorisis in over a year

I have looked for good studies about diet and whether or not it can be connected to PsA. What I have found out is…not really. Some people are able to identify trigger foods that can result in a flare, and if you have found that red meat contributes to yours then simply avoid it as you are now.
I am on a diet prescribed by my gastroenterologist that is very strict. I don’t eat dairy, gluten, red meat or pork, alcohol, legumes, certain nuts, low sodium, certain fruits and veggies are out, no processed foods. I buy organic, free range and I make almost everything we eat. I have seen no changes in my PsA symptoms that can be attributed to diet, but otherwise, I feel great! I have found some trigger foods for psoriasis (take out or restaurant Chinese, alcohol and excess salt.) I feel healthy and not toxic or clean and good on the inside (hope that makes sense). With all of the other health problems that we are at greater risk for, I am really glad I changed my diet. Hopefully, I will be able to avoid diabetes and heart disease as a result.

If you are interested in trying this diet or any diet that is a big change, I emphatically recommend seein a nutritionist. He/she can help you get stared identifying good vs. bad foods, how to prepare your meals, ideas to keep variety in your diet, lead you to good cookbooks or teach you how to do substitutions in your old favorite recipes, and make sure that you are getting enough of the right kinds of nutrients.

There are also herbals and vitamins that are supposed to have anti-inflammatory qualities, so you might want to research them as well. Several people on this site and others have highly recommended turmeric. Its nice because you can cook with it, or take capsules of it. According to the natural remedy sites, it takes at least 2 months to see any results from most if the herbal supplements. Make use of the ones that you can add to foods, otherwise you will fell like you spend all of your free time choking down pills!

I think I know the study that you mentioned relating to eating meat and PsA symptoms. None of this guys work is current and the most recent study he sites was done in 1994. Also, for the food study mentioned in the article he only had one patient involved, and he included no data. That is not a large enough population to draw any conclusions from and with no recorded data, his conclusions can’t be repeated. There are a few doctors out here who say that they’ve found the best and most simple cure, but I see it as this: if their conclusions can’t and haven’t been repeated then they are misleading people.

Hi, I'm new to this and not really sure how it all works so I hope this actually posts somewhere. Are there specific blogs that any of you really like and have found helpful. I wish I had turned to the internet years ago rather than just listening to my doctor. I'm looking for foods that seem to trigger flare ups, changes in diet that have helped PsA sufferers, natural remedies.... anything other than weekly injections of methotrexate and humera which don't seem to be helping anyway. Can any of you help?