Realistic expectations from Enbrel

Hi all. Was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis about 4 months ago. I had a swollen finger and a swollen toe. I have been on Enbrel for 2 months and am about 75% better as far as my pain. Psoriasis plaques are not better. Swelling in finger is better but swelling in toe is still present. Am also on an anti-inflammatory with the Enbrel. I was just wondering what the reasonable expectations from long term use of Enbrel are. Can I reasonably expect to have no pain at all at some time in the future with the Enbrel, or should I just be glad I am 75% improved? As it is, I have to take a pain pill if I plan on doing a large amount of walking. I do have comfortable shoes. Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks to all for being there.

I've just taken my 2nd shot of Enbrel...15 minutes ago. After my 1st shot, the swelling in my toe sent down alot, to almost normal. The pain subsided over the first week (I'm on 1 shot per week) Not to say there is zero pain, but much better than before. I think it has alot to do with how far along your PsA is & how well/fast the Enbreal works. My greatest fear continues to be the lowered immunity with the upcoming winter & working in a school. My doc said give it 6 months before giving up.

Thanks for your reply. Are you taking anything else other than the Enbrel? I do believe my disease was caught early. Will hang in there and see how I do after the six months. I don’t mean to sound like a winer as I do feel extremely lucky to have access to this wonder drug. I do worry about my immune system as well but I do work at home which helps because I am not exposed to a lot of people.

It took about 3months for me to get the full benefit of Enbrel. Psoriasis is 90% better and am 80% better inflammation and pain wise. However if I get a bit stressed or physically work too hard things get worse. My doc likens Enbrel to thin net with a few holes that 'catches' most of the inflammation but not all. I have had a flare recently after some fairly heavy physical work. Nowhere near as bad as without Enbrel but I needed a three day course of prednisone to get it back under control. Over three weeks I accumulated 3kgs of fluid which went in two days on pred and Im now good again. I do still take panadol osteo, and celebrex as damaged areas are painful. Enbrel has given me most of my life back again.

hope this helps .Allan

After three months on Enbrel, I would say that I was about 75% better. Skin, 100%. Joints/feet 50%. Energy, depression, 100%. The rheumy said that I wouldn’t know the full effect until about six months in. Recently, because of a minor infection, I had to pause the Enbrel, and I can tell you I’m looking forward to resuming it again after I check with the GP later today!
Enbrel is not a miracle cure, but if it makes me functional (even if I have to take acetaminophen or the occasional tramadol), that’s miracle enough for me!

There is no miracle cure BUT what you do with you get is the big decider. (I have no one in mind, even you, with the next okay????)

You can do one of two things you can take what you get and do something with it. Exercise more, go outside, engage in some activities from "before" (maybe differently,) maybe lose some weight because you can add some activity to your day and start to live life again. You will be AMAZED at what will happen if you take back your life and even more amazed if you get back into some kind of shape...... You will also gain some control over the disease

Or you can do what some others have done, cruise the internet looking for some miracle drug or treatment to get you the other 25%, spend hours on support sites critiquing this drug or that drug, "What narcotic do you use?" bemoaning the side effects some real, but most magnified by focusing on them. You become SOOOOOO focused on that 25% and self absorbed, you miss the gift you have been given. I may be crazy but I would a 1000 times sooner be throwing up while standing in my favorite trout stream flicking a dry fly than sitting at home watching Oprah hoping for something better while entering chat rooms to share just how desperate and miserable I am.

BTW I have been in a chair (one with wheels) watching "Oprah" counting the time until my next pain pill and checking the mail to see if my disability has been approved. Yes I hurt some days pretty badly There have been days where I am so dang fatigued, I couldn't drag my sorry butt to the shower - only did because my wife refused to feed me until I did. I have read nothing here that I have not experienced or felt PsA wise.

I got on Enbrel around the time it came on the market, and I had a 3 year full remission (as long as I kept taking it). Then it slowly stopped working. Recently I tried a double dose of Enbrel, but found it was only effective for a month or two. Enbrel works amazingly well for some people, either long term or short term. For some it may not be a good fit (side affects, etc). There are many other meds out there, but at this point I would consider a 75% improvement miraculous (I'm currently trying yet another med).

I would say at 3 months you will probably see most of your response, whatever that turns out to be.

For me Enbrel was just ok for the skin. Humira flared me up. I’m now Stelara. It’s been a godsend for me skin. Cleared what enbrel did in 6 months with one shot. Too bad it’s not as good for the joints.

Dear mlamb, I love ya man. I haven’t gotten to the biologics yet but they have to be better than the narcotics. For a short while I had energy from the relief of pain (temporary relief) but now I know that no matter what drug I’m trying I have to be determined to receive the benefits and go forward. Go forward until I can reach a place in my mind and heart that I can accept who I am now.

I won 't stop searching but I won’t stop BEING ME while I search.

mataribot said:

For me Enbrel was just ok for the skin. Humira flared me up. I’m now Stelara. It’s been a godsend for me skin. Cleared what enbrel did in 6 months with one shot. Too bad it’s not as good for the joints.

Same question different drugs. ith my first shot of Simponi completed a week ago I did not see a miraculous cure. But the pain in my toes on my left foot, left wrist and right hand has significantly diminished. My toe on my right foot is a little less swollen (just 1 1/2 times the size of its opposite toe rather than 2 times). Is this normal? Also, any information about the NSAID Etodolac? Thanks

My dr put me on Etodolac also, I was to start it while my Enbrel was being precerted & coming from our send-away Pharm. I'm a nurse & had never heard of it. I took it. before the Enbrel came & was pretty much pain free (swelling was still there). From what i've read it's not a pain med, but a high powered anti-inflamatory. I was told to take it along with the Enbrel 'when things got bad"