Quick question about ears

I woke up during the night to use the bathroom & realized quite quickly that I could not hear much from my right ear. I’ve not had a cold,don’t suffer from waxy ears & I’m pretty sure I don’t have water in there. It won’t pop,but my hearing is muffled & distant. The air con in my bedroom is quite loud and when I laid on my good ear it was like someone was turning the volume down slowly. I’m trying to keep calm but this is freaking me out a little. Would it hurt to put some ear wax drops in? Do I need to call my DR. This has not happened before,oh I did take my weekly methotrexate last night.

If it's concerning to you, then definitely call a doctor to get it looked at.

I sometimes experience something similar (as I am right now, actually!) when my jaw is out of whack. Inflammation around my jaw translates to the type of hearing issues you're describing.

Huh,how strange,I started experiencing jaw pain a couple of weeks ago for the first time. Same side as the deaf ear,wonderful. Will it just go away on its own? I got a steroid shot a week ago because my lasr infusion did nothing. I’m upping my dose next time but its not until the 29th August.

If you Google Psoriatic Arthritis Hearing Loss you will find a plethora of info about this. I have had almost constant humming in my right year for quite a while before being diagnosed. Inflammation in your body can affect many systems. Apparently that's what is causing my humming issue.

You learn something new about this disease everyday don’t you!!

I had the same thing when I saw the rheumy back in February(?). He set me up with an ENT at the end of that week. My hearing was normal; my ears, not so much. The ENT said people who have PsA have ear trouble a lot because our ears also aren't normal.

An ENT would probably make a face at my saying this but I think of it as him treating my dry ears the same way the ophthalmologist is keeping an eye on my dry eyes (no pun intended).

ENT took a bunch of wax out of my right (worse) ear and gave me some drops to use in both ears as needed. I did the drops as I needed to but I had to go back to him earlier this month. He pulled a bunch more wax out of both ears; this time, it was stuck to both ear canals and he had to use suction.