PsA Clinic, Toronto Western Hospital

This is a PsA research clinic, and they will do a work up and give you a second opinion if you have --
1. A diagnosis of PsA from a rheumatologist
2. A referral (from the family doc is fine, doesn't have to be the rheumatologist)
3. An OHIP card (if you have to ask what an OHIP card is, you don't have one, LOL!)
Note for #2 -- if you are Canadian, but not living in Ontario, the clinic can accommodate you as well, with a couple of minor administrative tweaks.
After the second opinion, they will work with your rheumatologist on your treatment.
The clinic is run by the authors of
If you can't go to the clinic, at least get the book!

Here is all of the information you and your referring doctor need:

Note that you can be referred by any doctor (like your GP) but you must have a diagnosis of PsA from a rheumatologist.

It’s a really good book. Wish I lived in Canada take advantage of this resource!

Hi Seenie,

I finally heard back after getting the referral about 3 months ago ( or maybe longer ). Appointment is still a couple months away. I'm looking forward to it.

Just ordered the book today! Thanks for sharing!

That book literally changed my life!

I have been a patient at this clinic for years - it is a great resource. However I present a-typically and the books and articles rarely apply to my symptoms.

It's hard when you don't fit the mould, isn't it? Neither do I: my disease seems to have ignored my fingers and toes, and gone instead for knees, hips and the mid-foot region.

Glad you're plugged into the right help!

Minor update: you don’t need an OHIP card to be referred to this clinic. But you do need a provincial health card. The clinic is funded by research grants, so not much is charged to the province, save for a few minor medical services. Apparently, there’s no issue with being an out-of-province patient.

I will be asking about the clinic and feel it may be worth the four he drive. Thanks

It is worth it. It’s a win-win-win. You win because you get a second opinion. The clinic wins because they get another subject for their large database. And all of us with this disease win because your data is essential for the world-class research that they do at the clinic. The work of the lead investigators, Gladman and Chandran, is referenced in almost every major piece of research done on our disease. I almost feel that, as a PsA patient, I have a responsibility to go there and contribute to the body of knowledge about this disease!

Sorry I saw this so late...

I go there too, thanks to Seenie. A great clinic. 2 thumbs up in my book !!! :)

They mostly help me because they pay more attention to my symptoms than my regular rheumy. Plus I'm happy to let them do tests if it means maybe they can help someone else in the future. It's really nice to know someone who has all this knowledge is paying attention to my pain.

I was there this week. No change in treatment, everything seems stable for now. But I left with a very settled and confident feeling. There was a teaching moment when Dr. Chandran explained about the importance of paying attention to foot complaints to the resident. I don’t think she will forget that lesson.
It’s Thanksgiving weekend, and one of the many things I’m giving thanks for is that I am able to go to that world-class clinic.

I am very aware of this awesome hospital, my son get treatment there for his psoriasis. I have both gone, because I have a rheumtolist close to home.

You never know when you’ll want a second opinion. And they do that very well.