Pleased to meet you, Nelson from Northeast USA


Welcome to Living With PsA! It’s awesome that you have been and plan on continuing to be that active! I too hope that your joint issues don’t get in the way of that - though it might prove useful to make your list “bike, hike, and swim” haha, as the latter is a great exercise for those with arthritis. Another new thing you could do is start getting involved in discussions around here - as you’ll find that our community is filled with many wonderful members who are always eager to help and to share their experiences! You can check out the “How to Use this Site” tab as well, if you are looking for some useful beginner tips on getting started around here.

So from that - good luck and just holler if you ever have any questions!

Thank you for your response and words of encouragement. I will continue to monitor the site and intend to get involvred in conversations soon!



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