One more med...yes or no? Thoughts?

This lack of biologics is a very tough for you. With your history of diverticulitis, I’d be really wary of it given it can cause such significant diarrhoea issues.That I imagine would be the very last thing your bowels need right now. And I heard people give it up because of the depression issues. Had it been suggested I try it I would have refused it. In the UK it’s used as a stepping stone to biologics by what looks like rheumy depts who haven’t gotten their heads around funding rules for biologics. Sorry that I can’t find any success stories on it for you. But there must be some out there. Cyber hugs.

My own experience with steroid shots is this: They help at the time, but taking shots/pills for several years caused me to develop cataracts at only 40! Also: steroids eat bone. So weigh carefully. Good luck.