Not feeling better?

So I have been on methotrexate for 6 months and Humira for 3 months and I seem to be getting worse.Pain in more joints and alot more stiffness.Whats going on ? shouldn’t I be improving? Rheumi app next week.

It's a cruel fact that not all medication work for all people. Some will not work at all. Other need some tweaking to get the dosage right. Some will work fine and then stop for no reason. Most of the medications for treating this disease take so darn long to work that all we can do is wait and hope things will get better.

6 months seems a long time on meds with no improvement and in fact feeling worse…hope you get some answers next week. I was lucky MTX started to work after about 4 months with me. But I did get worse after taking it to start with…I was told that my meds were on low doses and the disease was in an aggressive state so they increased doses, this was arranged by the Rheumatology nurses who take your calls all week assess you and refer up if necessary. Good luck x