New Year Greetings

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to wish each and every one of you that I hope we all have a good year for 2018. And I also wanted to say thank you as you guys are just the best - seriously and absolutely. I’m very thankful and proud to be a part of this forum and I’m especially grateful for all the amazing advice and support and all the real proper giggles too.

Happy New Year!


I feel the same–I’m extremely grateful to have the support from people who don’t know me but understand and care anyway! I hope my complaining doesn’t wear y’all down too much!!!

I wish you all a great 2018–that things improve for those of you who’ve been struggling–and everybody has a healthier 2018!

Happy New Year!


I agree! I’m really grateful too! Happy new year everyone!


I’ll add to that gratitude too :smile: When I first came to this forum I was feeling as if I was flying solo with everything (limited knowledge, and next to no support)… I think I owe maintaining some level of sanity, through all of this, to all of you here… I have learned so very much, and felt incredibly supported through this forum… a great big huge THANK YOU to every one for helping me keep it together (well, mostly :laughing:) through the last 6 months of 2017, as well as helping me maintain a positive outlook for 2018.

My wish for you all is for an awesome 2018, without the tough challenges many have had to face so far!! Hugs to all!!


This is the most amazing place, with the most wonderful people. We really do support each other in the best ways, don’t we? Many years ago, in '11-'12, I came here, like everyone else, alone and confused, and I found really good support. It was the people here (well, if I’m to be completely honest, it was mostly tntlamb who gave me a piece of his mind) that set me on the path to becoming my own best advocate. I sought out the best expertise that I could, and they put me on aggressive therapy. And I haven’t looked back! I’m pretty sure I’d still be limping along if I hadn’t found this place and all the great folks on it.

Best wishes to everyone for a comfortable and happy New Year. Hang in there, and hang out here!



I’m thankful for this forum. It really helped reduce my fears about taking the biologics. Not, if they will just work!

Happy New Year’s everyone!!


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