My week off work

I’ve so been looking forward to this week off, the plan was to rest and do some of those little jobs that keep getting missed.

Its now Thursday and I’ve done none of them!

Today I’m lunching with the girls, and then I’m away for the weekend with my man.

Oh well, I’ve put off those little jobs so long, I’m sure a few more weeks wont hurt…Im really getting the hang of this ‘not pushing myself too hard’ malarkey! :wink:

Procrastination is my middle name. Have a Flake and chill out.

I’m having a good rest and enjoying myself too…and not one ounce of guilt either!! :slight_smile: I’m starting another annual flare but up to this week the fatigue wasn’t too bad, very tired today and had a lovely lunch and giggle with the girls so now its feet up and relax on the sofa for a bit :slight_smile:

Good for you Louise! It makes me smile to hear of a nurse learning to relax. You go girl!<3