My baby boy!


Awww… he’s gorgeous!!! Pets are a huge comfort :smile:

Give him a great big hug from me!! :sunny:

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There’s some good company for you!

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Thank you. I’m lucky to have two of these nutjobs and a sweet neurotic collie. They’re my therapy. My dogs and my horse riding are the only thing keeping me sane at the moment. Will post a few more pics now I think I’ve worked out how to :joy: xx


Thank you. I’ve got three altogether. Will post some more pics. I think I’ve worked out how to but I’m a bit dim on technology :joy:. The dogs are my sanity :heart_eyes: xxx

I need to work out how to post pictures too. He’s lovely, just lovely. I’ve a black lab and a black and white cat.

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:heart: Collies…I saw you mentioned you have one. We had a Collie, Lucky…

put her to sleep 3 years ago. The nicest dog I ever knew…


When you are in posting mode:
Look at the icons just above the posting space. In the middle of the line up is a horizontal line with an arrow pointing up. Tap.
You know what to do after that.

Looking at her picture, gosh, I wish I could hug that fluffy thing just once more!