Moving on to the biologics

I managed about 11 weeks on MTX. When the doc prescribed it he said it was just a stepping stone to the meds that actually help. So after a few months of hair loss, mouth sores, nausea and headaches it time to move on. I picked up a sample of Humira last week. I am lucky that my insurance covers it and approved me for 10 years of scripts. Now I am ready mentally to start this new medicine I wake up with a cold/sinus problem. While I was taking MTX my colds etc lasted weeks..had to stop for antibiotics a few times. So I think I will wait another few days for this to clear.

What concerns me though is getting sick when I go back to work. I work in a healthcare and in acute care hospitals so my potential for infection is high.

I am also thinking about a career change. Considering my most bothersome symptoms are back pain and pain in both hands and forearms I think it would be wise to think of the future.

I wonder how many PsA patients have significant hand both hands in the same joints. Makes me wonder...

Anyway I just use my heated gloves to help with the pain and other meds to make it tolerable.

I worry that in 10 years I won't be working in Neonatal ICU...or in my field at all. Maybe the silver lining is the chance to get back to school and make a change. One that has to be done and that I feel justified to make.