Midfoot pain

I’ve been having midfoot pain for the last few years. I wear orthotics, and have for about 10 years. This past October, I was taking a walk with my husband, and my left foot started hurting rather suddenly. Nothing new, right? So I took it easy, for a few minutes, and hobbled the rest of the way back to the car. It kept hurting, but why rush off to the doctor? My general rule of thumb is to not go to the doctor unless it’s bad enough, and sticks around for a while. So after a while, I go in to be seen. Nothing obvious pops up, but there’s a lot of tenderness.

Fast forward to January 24. I’m at the salon getting my hair done, walking across the salon to get my hair washed out, and my right big toe cracks. Yup, it broke. X-rays confirm it, and I’m put into a hard soled shoe. A week later I realize that the pain in my left foot is still really bad, and I finally go get the x-rays that the doctor had already put in for it. Yup, 4th metatarsal fracture, and it’s likely a non-union.

I already had a bone scan, and I have a shockingly good bone density given the last few years and how much prednisone I’ve been on. I’m so frustrated that I’m now in a waiting game. Waiting to get follow up x-rays on both, stuck in a boot and a special shoe, hoping that I won’t wind up needing surgery on the broken foot. But I had no really good reason to suspect that I had broken my foot. I can’t help but think though, that if I wasn’t used to existing and functioning through a high level of pain, that I would have gone to the doctor, been booted, and I wouldn’t be in the situation that I am in now.


Sounds like a real pain in the *** as well as the foot! Wow, good thing you did finally go in!
Good luck for a quick - and surgery free - fix for your foot!

Poor you @Stoney - that’s sore. I’m on the osteopenia readings for bone densisty - the ones where treatment isn’t indicated as being necessary but I keep breaking things too like lumbar vertebrae and my pelvis. so now they deem it necessary to treat.

I’m still struggling with the consequences of of the meds they want me on so actually haven’t started yet astonishingly. I’m emotionally done in presently with med induced side effects and can’t take the plunge. The NHS insists on cheapest first and that’s the med with the most day to day yuck and I simply have no wherewithall to try it yet. It’s weekly for 5 years.

Flipping heck!

Bone density issues or erosion(s) that gave way? That would be my question.

Good luck with all this Stoney. I hope all goes well.

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I appreciate you sharing your on going story. Anything that affects mobility is tragic. I try to picture you hobbling from one sore foot to one that hurts more…so sorry to hear about this set -back and I hope that you find answers and solutions that are beneficial into the future. Sigh…the prednisone conundrum continues!

Thanks. The weirdest part is that this may very well not be prednisone related. The good news is that the broken foot, in the boot, doesn’t really hurt at all in the boot. The broken toe continues to hurt, almost 4 weeks in. That was a tough break, because the break went to the end of the bone.

Oh no Stoney! What a week! I do hope they heal ok and fingers crossed for no need for surgery

Have they talked to you about Prolia? Is it an option / something they use there in the UK? My mum has it (an injection every 6 months), and it has made a big difference to her osteoporosis, without the fuss of the bisphosphonates


I’ll find out in a few weeks. In the meantime, I already have the name of a foot and ankle surgeon at the Hospital for Special Surgery in NYC

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I had similar with my feet and toes. The bones had calcified.that was the cause of my breaks. Eventually the PA stopped attacking my feet and moved on to other body parts. I have very little muscle in my toes now and one toe is permanently broken.

No @Jen75. But I’ll look it up. I have a rheumy appt at end of March - plan on discussing it all then. Thank you.

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Just looked it up now. Yes it’s available in the UK and used too - called Denusub (or something similar here). However you’re not permitted to avail of it unless you’ve failed the bisphosphonates first. A bit like biologics aren’t available to you until the DMARDs have failed for you. So I’m back in that ‘zone’ sadly. Cheapest first and tough luck if it totally messes up your entire digestive tract… and the NHS then has to spend far more trying to put that right instead of not messing it up in the first place. Sigh. As you can see I’m not emotionally capable presently to run the risk of yet more med only induced horrors. I’ve had enough of them on the meds I’ve tried to date for PsA to include being hospitalised for some of them. :frowning_face:

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That’s very interesting. You said it moved on and one row is permanently broken. Are you referring to a non union or that it didn’t set right?

Sorry to hear about your foot trouble! I know from my past foot pains, the dreaded boot is a drag…
My guess is that your break was a hairline fracture that was there for a while, then it just needs a micro-trauma to snap!
That is why they try and catch the hairline fractures early, to prevent further damage. But they are hard to find, and with all out pains we are not going to run to the doctor about a nagging foot pain that won’t go away. When I saw my MRI it looked like a car ran over my foot, but the doctor is like ,no, it is fine… Hope they resolve it without to much walking boot time!

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Thanks @Jon_sparky! The big concern now is whether it is healing, and I have a few more weeks for that.

Yes, I’m three weeks in and already ready to give the boot the boot.

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Yes, that is the 5 million dollar question; is it healing? That is why they often times need to intercede and pin or set it. Hard with those little chicken bones, I imagine…
Lets hope you are on the mend!

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That sux Stoney - no award for being a pain warrior this time :frowning: Hope your foot and toe heal quickly.

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Hi Stoney, sorry you’re going thru this. I’m in a similar situation and have an mri coming up. Mobility related problems can be so isolating. I hope your recovery goes fast and that the foot completely heals. Take care, Michelle

Thanks Michelle! What’s going on with your feet?

I didn’t want my response to be all about me but I shared a question on this topic here not long ago, and you asked, so here goes…My PsA gives me plantar fasciitis in both feet. I’ve had 3surgeries on the left for it and was favoring it when I fractured the 3rd metatarsal in other foot. Fast forward to Oct/Nov 2019. I was in a rear end car accident in October and in addition to PsA I have structure issues like disc stuff, stenosis, dystonia etc in neck. I was really hurting mostly right shoulder, neck and hip. A month later I was in Maui and struck my toe on sand covered coral on the beach. You guessed it, right foot. 2nd day of vacay so I walked on it 12 more days and a a week after coming home. X-ray negative but I cried at night from pain. I saw a foot specialist who put me in a boot finally in December. The day after Christmas I was non weight bearing and with back pain from the weight of the boot. Dr kept me this way into 2nd week of January. I’m still having pain if I walk much. Arthritis dr has ordered mri but I’m waiting to be sure I really need it. I was so laid up over Thanksgiving, Christmas and during visit with kids 6 hours away (hubby drove). This is why I know how bad isolation can get.